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Naruto SD : Rock Lee & His Ninja Pals [Episode 8] July 15, 2013

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Even Hokages Go Bald [Part 1]

 photo punishment_zpsba70870b.jpg

Guy, Rock Lee & Neji with their punishment

Tsunade is taking a day off to Tanzakugai to gamble (by playing board games). Normally she has bad luck when it comes to gambling but she was very lucky on the day.

Meanwhile back at the village, Rock Lee was training with the nunchaku and it suddenly slip out of his hands. The nunchaku went flying and smashed into Tsunade carving turning her carving bald.

The team (Rock Lee, Ten Ten & Neji) rushed to the mountain to rectify the problem and they found rogues ninjas planning to harm the Hokage. So they inform Guy Sensei and together they went to search for Tsunade.

When they found Tsunade-sama, they informed her about the situation and told her that they will protect her back to the village. However, the gamblers did not let her off for winnings and they stay and continue playing.

When the rogues arrived, there was a big commotions with the gamblers and rogues. The team protected Tsunade from harm but somehow she ended up with some minor injuries and a slightly bald head from Neji’s Eight Trigram Rotation jutsu. The rogues kidnapped Tsunade from the commotion but Ten Ten and her lucky charm saves the day.

Orochimaru is Persistent [Part 2]

 photo afro_zps103e8aa6.jpg

Naruto & Rock Lee thinks afro is better than bald

Orochimaru is also in Tanzakugai and was gambling in the casino. He won lots of chakra and 2 chocolates.

Back at the village, Rock Lee was repairing the damage he did on the rock carving. He was trying to return the image back to the original one but failed. Tsunade-sama was dissapointed and carve her own image on the rocky mountain.

Orochimaru summons Manda with the chakra he won and plans to destroy the Leaf Village. Tsunada-sama and Naruto whom possesses summonning jutsu also called out their pets. However, Katsuyu was eaten by The Boss. Manda then came attacking and swallowed Naruto & Tsunade-sama. Inside the stomach, they met Guy who was also swallowed by Manda while he was training.

Guy sensei then experimented his new technique which Rock Lee names it Might Guygatron (giant robot). Rock Lee, Ten Ten & Neji control the giant robot and fought with Manda. They tried several moves before defeating Manda and rescue their friends.

 photo guygatron_zpsccbda69e.jpg

Might Guygatron Vs Manda in an epic battle


Naruto SD : Rock Lee & His Ninja Pals [Episode 7] July 15, 2013

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Orochimaru is a B-Type Scorpio [Part 1]

 photo holiday_zpsbcf2ba9a.jpg

Orochimaru & Kabuto on a holiday to Leaf Village

Kabuto heard a loud cry at Orochimaru’s hideout and rushes over. When he reached there, Orochimaru informs him that his new technique is ready and they are leaving for the Leaf Village.

At the Leaf Village, Guy sensei is assigning watch duty for his team. Rock Lee, Ten Ten & Neji setup a airport-like security system and screen everyone before they are allowed to enter the village.

Orochimaru and Kabuto disguise as travelers to enter the village. They almost successfully enter the village when Neji stopped Kabuto for an uncensored scroll and this is when Orochimaru blows his cover. The village was on an alert for dangerous people.

Orochimaru and Kabuto then disguise as a training ninja to enter the village. They were stopped for inspection by Rock Lee and his team mates. Rock Lee tested them with some ninja skills and they passed successfully. When Kabuto & Orochimaru were about to enter the village, Rock Lee gave them a big hug and broke Orochimaru’s orb, thus releasing the ninjutsu of hydras. At the end, they failed to enter the village at all.

Love Letter Are The Ultimate Trap [Part 2]

 photo training_zps34391c01.jpg

Love Letter training by Guy Sensei

Rock Lee and his team is having the day off and is training with Guy Sensei. Guy Sensei is teaching Rock Lee is to be wary about love letter threats.

Orochimaru and Kabuto was watching the training from nearby and discovers Rock Lee’s weakness. When Rock Lee went to the loo, Orochimaru throw a love letter to Rock Lee as a bait. Rock Lee thinking that this was the actual love letter from Sakura and went to the meeting point.

Rock Lee then started fighting Orochimaru but to no avail. He suddenly figured out a few pointers from Orochimaru’s words and uses Guy Sensei’s technique and sent him a love letter. Rock Lee then disposes off Orochimaru and Kabuto with the help of the team.

Naruto SD : Rock Lee & His Ninja Pals [Episode 6] July 8, 2013

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The Leaf Village Sports Meet [Part 1]

 photo bodybuilding_zpsd15ea89c.jpg

Rock Lee & Guy Sensei all fired up to clean sweep the Sports Day events

Konoha is having a sports day. Rock Lee was choosen to deliver the sports day pledge due to his sportsmanship. Neji was worried but he was assured by Ten Ten that Rock Lee has practice all night remembering the pledge. However Rock Lee drew blank and got the pledge for graduation day and was sent flying into the sky by Ten Ten.

Failing and embarassing himself in front of the crowd, Rock Lee plans to restore his honors by  winning all the events in the sports race. Rock Lee never succeeded as there is always something bad happening to him in every event, thus Naruto won everything.

Rock Lee was feeling devastated and challenges Naruto in the Scavenger Hunt event. However, there was no winner as the event was to obtain impossible items.

Chicken Fights are Part of the Thrill of Youth [Part 2]

 photo tugofwar_zps6429083a.jpg

Rock Lee uses ninjutsu to outwit Naruto in the 1 on 1 tug of war event

The Scavenger Hunt was called off due to Naruto being injured. Ten Ten tries to cheer Rock Lee by participating in the cheer leading, however the costumes were not right. Rock Lee even supported the opposing team and he got a lecturing from Ten Ten.

Next in the event in the 1 on 1 tug of war. It was between Naruto and Rock Lee with Kakashi sensei as the umpire. The event was evenly match although the rules were broken when Naruto uses his clones shadows and Rock Lee had a devil he ordered during the Scavenger Hunt) and the rope snap and send them flying. Kakashi announced that he was too busy reading his book and he did not take note about the event, so there was no winner.

The final event was the chicken fight. The rules of the event is to prevent the opponent from stealing your hat or to fall to the ground. The battle was pretty intense but Rock Lee defeated other opponents. Guy sensei highlighted to Rock Lee that he is at best when he has his friends supporting him. Rock Lee and Naruto were the only group left and Naruto was on the verge of winning. Neji interuppted the event and apologize for returning late and is ready for participation with the melancholy ghost (for Scavenger event). The ghost scared Rock Lee and he bumped Naruto off into the ground and won the Chicken Fight event.

Naruto SD : Rock Lee & His Ninja Pals [Episode 5] May 12, 2012

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I’m Going to Teach Konohamaru Kempo [Part 1]


Rock Lee became drunk from spinning too fast in his Rasenken skill

Rock Lee was training but was interrupted by Konohamaru’s hiding jutsu. Konohamaru was asking Rock Lee to teach him some taijustu to prepare himself for the upcoming exam.

Rock Lee brought them (Konohamaru & Naruto) to a nearby waterfall and introduce his two assistance – Neji & Ten Ten. The first part of the lesson is about speed. He showed an example by changing Neji in a variation of costumes. He also show the Transformation Jutsu by moving around the waterfall quickly but later collapsed due to dizziness.

Next, they move on to a cliff nearby where Rock Lee is about to teach his greatest kempo technique which can be compare to Naruto’s Rasengan. He called his technique the Rasenken where he jump up in the air and spins around real fast. Rock Lee got drunk from the spinning and sent Naruto flying with a punch. He asked Konohamaru to try it but he was not comfortable with it. Rock Lee then taught him about the self-imposed rule on training. Later he asked Konohamaru to try Rasenken but was objected by Naruto who suddenly nudge Konohamaru towards Rock Lee’s Rasenken which sends him flying.

Rock Lee went and finds Konohamaru and this is when Konohamaru told him that he lacks confidence. Rock Lee then asked him to believe in himself and inspire belief in him. Rock Lee had a duel with Konohamaru which Konohamaru won using his new Sexy Manly Man Jutsu.

Rock Lee accompanies Konohamaru on the day of the exam. They found out later that the exam was not about kempo but on body fat (this is due to the Japanese word pronunciations which I cannot explain).

I Save My Luck Undies for Physicals [Part 2]


Guy Sensei punishes Rock Lee and Naruto for cheating in the height test

Guy Sensei is asking everyone to fill their chakra in a bottle for the laboratories to perform some tests. Guy Sensei also warned that they are not allowed to use their family members or pet’s chakra for the test.

Everyone submitted their chakra for the test except Rock Lee who confessed that he did not bath yesterday to prepare for the physical test. He then explained the Cinderella story (Naruto version) he once read. Guy Sensei then gave him a fresh pair of traditional fundoshi (the cloth wear sumo wrestlers wears). They were later test on their eye sight, hearing, height and the heart beat test.

The exam was interrupted by some bandits who appeared and stole the chakra samples. Naruto and Neji were too exhausted to chase after them due donating too much chakra samples. Rock Lee and Konohamaru use their Rasenken skill and defeated the bandits. They retrieve the chakra but combining everyone’s chakra into one lump for easy carrying. The laboratories then set a new rule that the chakra samples in future cannot be more than one spoonful.

Naruto SD : Rock Lee & His Ninja Pals [Episode 4] May 9, 2012

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Guy Sensei Didn’t Do It [Part 1]


Might Guy & Rock Lee perfecting their Shimura Swan Kempo

Rock Lee forced Neji & Ten Ten to usher the return of their master, Might Guy, from his return from a mission. Rock Lee is very energetic and excited because Might Guy promised them that he will be teaching them a new kempo style when he returns from the mission.

When they are about to reach the village entrance, there are a lot of people talking about someone caught in a lewd act and the person so happen to be Might Guy. Back at the Hidden Leaf Intel Division, it was reported by the victims that Guy broke down the walls separating the men and women at the Hot Spring and enter with a swan like costume.

All plea to Guy’s innocent characteristic was rejected, so his pupils decided to pay him a visit at the jail for an explanation. Guy told them that if he would explain anything and teach them easily, it will not mean anything and send them to discover what he was doing on the day of the arrest. The three of them (Neji, Rock Lee & Ten Ten) went around the village to get some clues but found nothing helpful. At night, Rock Lee decided that he should enter the hot spring which got Ten Ten furiously mad but Neji agree about it. Rock Lee enters the hot spring and found something important!

Might Guy was release after several days and his pupils still did not return. When Guy was just about to be freed, a group of thugs appear for revenge on Might Guy. Rock Lee appeared and defeated them with his new style kempo – Shimura Swan Style. However, the last thug was arm with paper bomb and decides to die together with Might Guy. Guy freed himself and he defeated the thug also with the Shimura Swan Style. They later found out that Might Guy was inspired with the Swan Mural and found out a new kempo style where he tried and accidentally demolished the wall. Guy then invites Rock Lee to go analyse and discover and merge their Shimura Swan Style kempo together.

Guy Sensei’s Rival is Kakashi Sensei [Part 2]


Rock Lee and his Sharingan!

Rock Lee invited Neji and Ten Ten up the roof to watch the duel between Guy sensei and Kakashi Sensei. Kakashi Sensei rejected the duel because Guy Sensei was having a cold. Guy ignored his request and was attacking halfway before he sneezed. Kakashi ambushed and attack Guy with “A Thousand Years of Death” skill. Guy Sensei was sent to the hospital later.

Rock Lee, Neji and Ten Ten were having a discussion to find out Guy Sensei’s superiority over Kakashi Sensei but cannot find any. They were later summoned for a mission under Kakashi Sensei. Neji and Ten Ten waited at the village entrance for Rock Lee who was late. He later appeared dress up exactly like Kakashi Sensei and headed out for the mission to capture a group of rogues.

Neji and Ten Ten was hiding behind some bushes for an ambush but the plan failed as Rock Lee was spotted and surrounded by the rogues. Rock Lee was being exposed as the fake Hatake Kakashi and was being attack, Ten Ten was asking Neji to help but his eyes was too dried due to his Byaku-Sharingan skill. Might Guy (still in sick conditions) and Kakashi appear to help Rock Lee. Kakashi made Rock Lee realized that he has to follow the path of Guy Sensei and appreciate his master’s ability. Rock Lee changed his uniform back to Guy Sensei’s style and together they defeated the rogues.

Kuroko No Basket [Episode 3] May 6, 2012

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It’s Better If I Can’t Win

It’s a practice game between Seirin High and Kaijo High School. The match was held at Kaijo High School. Since the school’s area is very big (wide), Kise Ryota went and pick them up so that Seirin players will not be lost.

When Seirin High arrived at the court, they are surprised that the match is going to be held at a half court while the full court is being used for practice session. Kaijo High School Coach, Coach Takeuchi, introduced himself and sarcastically informed them they will be playing at the half court and hope they do not lose too much. Seirin High School was very angered for being look down after hearing those words.

Kise Ryota was changing for the match but the coach restricted him from playing and he sat on the bench. The match begins with a tip off. The tip off was won by Kaijo High School and they begin attacking. However, the ball was stolen by Kuroko who later assisted the ball to Kagaimi Taiga who finished the play with a powerful dunk grabbing down the rim with him. Seirin High school apologizes for the damage made and soon the match switch to the full court.

The previous play angered Coach Takeuchi and he sent on Kise Ryota for the game. The match resume with a very high pace intensity play from both teams. Kuroko then told his captain that he needs a time out as it is too much for his body and they also need Kagaimi Taiga to cool down. Seirin High School called a time out with the score at 22 (Seirin)-25 (Kaijo). Kuroko then revealed his weaknesses to the team. Seirin also change the defence style from man to man to zone defence as stopping Kise Ryota is the main priority.

The strategy to reduce Kise Ryota paid off. However, the rest of the regular starters are still too formidable for Seirin High School. As Kagaimi Taiga was going for a dunk, Kise Ryota was there to block the shot and went out of bounce. Kise Ryota reiterated that they were too strong for them and basketball is not only about strategies but also body size build. Kagaimi Taiga countered his words informing that it is better that he cannot win. He enjoys and is excited about the challenges ahead and revealed Kise Ryota‘s weaknesses.

Kuroko No Basket [Episode 2] May 5, 2012

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I’m Serious

Kagaimi Taiga trains alone in a basketball with a determination to defeat the Generation of Miracles after finding out from Kuroko that he will be defeated easily. He went back to school to requesting the basketball captain to play in a game but got rejected as he is only a trial member. So Kagaimi Taiga approached the basketball club coach to become an official member. He found out that he is not the only one but was given a membership form to fill up and return it to her at the school’s rooftop on Monday at 8.40 a.m.

Monday arrived and 5 trials member gathered at the roof top to hand out their forms to become an official member. The coach informed them that they have to announce and pledge that they basketball team will win the championship this year to become an official member. Failing to win the championship, they will be punished by stripping naked at the roof and confess their feelings to the girl they love. Everyone announced their ambitions to win except for Kuroko who was intercepted by the teacher. Everyone got a lecturing for their actions.

Kagaimi Taiga went to dinner at the fast food restaurant only to be surprised by the appearance of Kuroko. Kagaimi Taiga who was curious asked Kuroko why he did not join the Generation of Miracles as he is acknowledged as the phantom sixth man but instead choose a different school and basketball team. Kuroko explains that he found the team lacks something and he wants to win against team therefore he chooses a different school.

The basketball team was playing a practice game for training and was interrupted by the coach who announced that their first opponent will be Kaijou High School. Kaijou High School is not only strong but they also have one of the Generation of Miracles’ player – Kise Ryota.


A game of one on one between Kagaimi Taiga & Kise Ryota

Kise Ryota who found out the schedule decided to visit Kuroko, his former team mate, at Seirin High School. Kise Ryota was having a little chat with Kuroko and suddenly a basketball was flying straight towards Kise Ryota. Kagaimi Taiga challenged him to a game of one on one which Kise Ryota accepted. Kise Ryota imitated Kaigami Taiga’s game play before dunking on him. He was disappointed with the game and asked Kuroko to join him at his school and become team mates again. Kuroko sincerely declined the offer and told him that he had promises Kagaimi Taiga that together they will defeat the Generations of Miracles.

Kuroko No Basket May 2, 2012

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Kagaimi Taiga (left) & Kuroko Tetsuya (right)

I Am Kuroko [Episode 1]

The Teiko Middle School basketball club is an incredible strong team with over hundred members and three consecutive championships wins. Amongst the brilliant record, the generation of five prodigies was known as the “Generation of Miracles.” However, there was a strange rumor concerning the Generation of Miracles. Despite being relatively unknown and lacking a game record, there was one more member recognized by the five prodigies, a phantom sixth man.

The basketball club of Seirin Private High school is recruiting new members. Kagaimi Taiga (recently return from America) and Kuroko Tetsuya (previously from Teiko Middle School) register as new members of the club among others. The first training started with Aida Riko, a female coach, accessing the player’s body and abilities after asking them to take off their shirts. Aida whose father is a sport’s trainer has a special ability in collecting data and creating a training regimen from looking at the bodies and data, a skill she picked up from her father’s work place.  She can foresee the strength and weakness by looking the bodies of the players. However, she found a perfect raw talent in Kagaimi Taiga and plenty of weaknesses in Kuroko Tetsuya.

After the training session, Kagaimi Taiga was shooting some baskets in a basketball court and was interrupted by the appearance of Kuroko Tetsuya. Kuroko Tetsuya then challenges Kagaimi Taiga to a game of one on one. Kagaimi then found out that Kuroko was so weak in basketball that he felt intimidated by him. He later told him to quit basketball as he is not talented in it. Kuroko oppose his advice and told him that he loves basketball and he is a shadow.

The next training session was a mini game between the seniors and the rookies. The match started with Kagaimi dunking all over the seniors and dominating the game. The seniors then counter his moves by double teaming him off and on the ball, restricting his movement and attacking options. The senior regain some points and were leading in the game. Kagaimi was furious and was scolding everyone until Kuroko asked him to settle down. Kuroko then asked his team mates to pass the ball to him. His team mates did what Kuroko asked and Kuroko ditched assists after assist to help his team close the gap. In the last second, he managed a steal and was alone for an empty layout which he misses and was rebound dunk by Kagaimi. The rookies won by a point.

Note: I am not elaborating much on Kuroko. Want to know why he is the shadow and the rumor phantom six man, you have to watch it to find out!

Fiery Chuunin Exam! Naruto vs. Konohamaru [Naruto OVA] May 2, 2012

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Shikamaru disqualifies Naruto and declares Konohamaru as the winner during the Chuunin Exam 2nd preliminaries

The Chuunin Exam is being held despite the preparation for the 4th Shinobi War to beef up Shinobi Alliance Forces. In the preliminary rounds, Konohamaru’s team is being attacked by a gigantic monster. Naruto appear with his Rasengan and destroyed it into pieces and offer them some advice.

Team Konohamaru and Naruto made it into the 2nd preliminaries round with several other ninjas. Every was whispering about Naruto, the ninja who single handed save his village (referring to the story mode from Naruto Shipudden). Naruto and Konohamaru begins chatting and getting all fired up to beat each other and did not listen to the briefing and regulations of the exam.

The 2nd preliminaries is a randomize 1 on 1 fight determine by a draw. The first match was between Uzumaki Naruto and Sarutobi Konohamaru. The fight begins and Naruto easily defeated Konohamaru. Before Shikamaru (examiner & umpire) can announce the winner, Konohamaru stood up and fight again. Naruto deals blow after blow but Konohamaru stood out and fight again only wanting to hit Naruto once. Naruto dealt a knockout blow and send Konahamaru flying in the air and Konohamaru was about to give up when a flashback about the dream to become the next Hokage refreshes his determination and fighting will power.

Konohamaru unleashed several powerful jutsu attacks he learned from his grandfather (3rd Hokage) and his great uncle (Azuma Sarutobi) and finally landed a blow on Naruto as he trip and fall when avoiding an attack from Konohamaru. Naruto got serious and enters into senjutsu mode. Shikamaru disqualifies Naruto and declares Konohamaru as the winner!

Everyone gathered and told Naruto that he can become a Chuunin anytime with his skills. Everyone except Konohamaru who declare that Naruto will become his subordinate from that day onwards.

P.s. Reviews on Naruto Movie : Blood Prison will be coming soon!

Naruto SD: Rock Lee & His Ninja Pals [Episode 3] April 21, 2012

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A Competition with the Genius Ninja, Neji [Part 1]


Rock Lee showing Ten Ten his Byakugan skills

Rock Lee is determined to become the best ninja despite not being to use ninjutsu. The episode begins with Rock Lee fighting against a group of mobsters and defeating them. However, Neji arrive and defeated their boss. Soon the news spread all over the town about Neji the genius ninja.

Meanwhile, Ten Ten was searching for a picture that she lost. Ten Ten decide to ask Neji ask he can use his Byakugan (a skill to see through anything) to help her search for the missing picture. Rock Lee intercepted the request and informed Ten Ten that he is also able to use the skill. This angers Ten Ten but she already accepted the fact that Rock Lee is not able to use ninjutsu. Thus, Rock Lee pledges to overtake Neji someday by perfecting his ninjutsu. Neji then appeared with the missing picture, handing it over to Ten Ten and head home.

Ten Ten then told Sakura some stories from before on how Neji has grown into the perfect ninja. Naruto and Rock Lee who were ears dropping nearby went to spy on Nejis’s activities. Both of them found out that he was more superior and he even wears boxers. So Rock Lee provoked and challenges Neji to a fight which Neji duly accepted. The fight will take place in a week so that he can have some time to train with Naruto assisting him.

Rock Lee arrived late for the fight. His appearance was so macho for all the training which freaks out Ten Ten and Sakura. The fight begins with Neji attacking full force. Rock Lee managed to avoid all the attacks except one which deflated his macho-ness. This left Rock Lee which no choice but to use his final attack – Byakugan Rock Lee style + Eight Trigram, Sixty Four Head butts. This left both of them knockout.

The match ended in a draw. Neji then complimented Rock Lee for his hard work and effort in becoming a great ninja. Despite fighting him so many times and losing every time, this is the first time it ended in a draw. In the end, everyone was happy and soon Neji join them for their crazy body building training regime.

Ten Ten’s Must-Win Battle [Part 2]


When becoming gentleman fails, Rock Lee & Neji changes Ten Ten into a guy

Rock Lee and Neji are sparring with Ten Ten keeping time. Somehow in the middle of the fight, Rock Lee drops his pants and show Neji that he has matured by wearing boxers. This upsets Ten Ten as she punishes both of them and gave a lecture about being gentleman.

She got frustrated and continues the team mission while Rock Lee and Neji watch from afar. She defeated the mafia and got them retreating. A lady boss appears and reversed the scene with her seducing powers and even changed the mafias into fighters. She them tease Ten Ten that she cannot even have men to protect her. She got even angrier when she called for help from Rock Lee and Neji were ignored. She defeated the mafias alone and gave another lecture to both of them.

The next day, Rock Lee and Neji tried very hard to become a gentleman but failed. When they failed to become gentleman, they thought best that Ten Ten change into a guy and they would not have to become a gentleman. They dress Ten Ten up as a guy which got Ten Ten very upset and she walks away. Ten Ten was mistakenly attacked by the mafias and the lady boss extorting for money. The mafias later found out Ten Ten’s identity and laughed at her for failing to have man protecting her. She was chained and struggling to free herself until Rock Lee and Neji came running to her rescue. She thought that they finally see through the light. Instead Rock Lee threw her an underwear informing her that the only part missing to becoming a guy. This got her all fired up and beat up everyone. She gave up and it is a battle she cannot win and she will never force them to become gentleman again.