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Naruto SD : Rock Lee & His Ninja Pals [Episode 4] May 9, 2012

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Guy Sensei Didn’t Do It [Part 1]


Might Guy & Rock Lee perfecting their Shimura Swan Kempo

Rock Lee forced Neji & Ten Ten to usher the return of their master, Might Guy, from his return from a mission. Rock Lee is very energetic and excited because Might Guy promised them that he will be teaching them a new kempo style when he returns from the mission.

When they are about to reach the village entrance, there are a lot of people talking about someone caught in a lewd act and the person so happen to be Might Guy. Back at the Hidden Leaf Intel Division, it was reported by the victims that Guy broke down the walls separating the men and women at the Hot Spring and enter with a swan like costume.

All plea to Guy’s innocent characteristic was rejected, so his pupils decided to pay him a visit at the jail for an explanation. Guy told them that if he would explain anything and teach them easily, it will not mean anything and send them to discover what he was doing on the day of the arrest. The three of them (Neji, Rock Lee & Ten Ten) went around the village to get some clues but found nothing helpful. At night, Rock Lee decided that he should enter the hot spring which got Ten Ten furiously mad but Neji agree about it. Rock Lee enters the hot spring and found something important!

Might Guy was release after several days and his pupils still did not return. When Guy was just about to be freed, a group of thugs appear for revenge on Might Guy. Rock Lee appeared and defeated them with his new style kempo – Shimura Swan Style. However, the last thug was arm with paper bomb and decides to die together with Might Guy. Guy freed himself and he defeated the thug also with the Shimura Swan Style. They later found out that Might Guy was inspired with the Swan Mural and found out a new kempo style where he tried and accidentally demolished the wall. Guy then invites Rock Lee to go analyse and discover and merge their Shimura Swan Style kempo together.

Guy Sensei’s Rival is Kakashi Sensei [Part 2]


Rock Lee and his Sharingan!

Rock Lee invited Neji and Ten Ten up the roof to watch the duel between Guy sensei and Kakashi Sensei. Kakashi Sensei rejected the duel because Guy Sensei was having a cold. Guy ignored his request and was attacking halfway before he sneezed. Kakashi ambushed and attack Guy with “A Thousand Years of Death” skill. Guy Sensei was sent to the hospital later.

Rock Lee, Neji and Ten Ten were having a discussion to find out Guy Sensei’s superiority over Kakashi Sensei but cannot find any. They were later summoned for a mission under Kakashi Sensei. Neji and Ten Ten waited at the village entrance for Rock Lee who was late. He later appeared dress up exactly like Kakashi Sensei and headed out for the mission to capture a group of rogues.

Neji and Ten Ten was hiding behind some bushes for an ambush but the plan failed as Rock Lee was spotted and surrounded by the rogues. Rock Lee was being exposed as the fake Hatake Kakashi and was being attack, Ten Ten was asking Neji to help but his eyes was too dried due to his Byaku-Sharingan skill. Might Guy (still in sick conditions) and Kakashi appear to help Rock Lee. Kakashi made Rock Lee realized that he has to follow the path of Guy Sensei and appreciate his master’s ability. Rock Lee changed his uniform back to Guy Sensei’s style and together they defeated the rogues.