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Naruto SD : Rock Lee & His Ninja Pals [Episode 5] May 12, 2012

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I’m Going to Teach Konohamaru Kempo [Part 1]


Rock Lee became drunk from spinning too fast in his Rasenken skill

Rock Lee was training but was interrupted by Konohamaru’s hiding jutsu. Konohamaru was asking Rock Lee to teach him some taijustu to prepare himself for the upcoming exam.

Rock Lee brought them (Konohamaru & Naruto) to a nearby waterfall and introduce his two assistance – Neji & Ten Ten. The first part of the lesson is about speed. He showed an example by changing Neji in a variation of costumes. He also show the Transformation Jutsu by moving around the waterfall quickly but later collapsed due to dizziness.

Next, they move on to a cliff nearby where Rock Lee is about to teach his greatest kempo technique which can be compare to Naruto’s Rasengan. He called his technique the Rasenken where he jump up in the air and spins around real fast. Rock Lee got drunk from the spinning and sent Naruto flying with a punch. He asked Konohamaru to try it but he was not comfortable with it. Rock Lee then taught him about the self-imposed rule on training. Later he asked Konohamaru to try Rasenken but was objected by Naruto who suddenly nudge Konohamaru towards Rock Lee’s Rasenken which sends him flying.

Rock Lee went and finds Konohamaru and this is when Konohamaru told him that he lacks confidence. Rock Lee then asked him to believe in himself and inspire belief in him. Rock Lee had a duel with Konohamaru which Konohamaru won using his new Sexy Manly Man Jutsu.

Rock Lee accompanies Konohamaru on the day of the exam. They found out later that the exam was not about kempo but on body fat (this is due to the Japanese word pronunciations which I cannot explain).

I Save My Luck Undies for Physicals [Part 2]


Guy Sensei punishes Rock Lee and Naruto for cheating in the height test

Guy Sensei is asking everyone to fill their chakra in a bottle for the laboratories to perform some tests. Guy Sensei also warned that they are not allowed to use their family members or pet’s chakra for the test.

Everyone submitted their chakra for the test except Rock Lee who confessed that he did not bath yesterday to prepare for the physical test. He then explained the Cinderella story (Naruto version) he once read. Guy Sensei then gave him a fresh pair of traditional fundoshi (the cloth wear sumo wrestlers wears). They were later test on their eye sight, hearing, height and the heart beat test.

The exam was interrupted by some bandits who appeared and stole the chakra samples. Naruto and Neji were too exhausted to chase after them due donating too much chakra samples. Rock Lee and Konohamaru use their Rasenken skill and defeated the bandits. They retrieve the chakra but combining everyone’s chakra into one lump for easy carrying. The laboratories then set a new rule that the chakra samples in future cannot be more than one spoonful.


Fiery Chuunin Exam! Naruto vs. Konohamaru [Naruto OVA] May 2, 2012

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Shikamaru disqualifies Naruto and declares Konohamaru as the winner during the Chuunin Exam 2nd preliminaries

The Chuunin Exam is being held despite the preparation for the 4th Shinobi War to beef up Shinobi Alliance Forces. In the preliminary rounds, Konohamaru’s team is being attacked by a gigantic monster. Naruto appear with his Rasengan and destroyed it into pieces and offer them some advice.

Team Konohamaru and Naruto made it into the 2nd preliminaries round with several other ninjas. Every was whispering about Naruto, the ninja who single handed save his village (referring to the story mode from Naruto Shipudden). Naruto and Konohamaru begins chatting and getting all fired up to beat each other and did not listen to the briefing and regulations of the exam.

The 2nd preliminaries is a randomize 1 on 1 fight determine by a draw. The first match was between Uzumaki Naruto and Sarutobi Konohamaru. The fight begins and Naruto easily defeated Konohamaru. Before Shikamaru (examiner & umpire) can announce the winner, Konohamaru stood up and fight again. Naruto deals blow after blow but Konohamaru stood out and fight again only wanting to hit Naruto once. Naruto dealt a knockout blow and send Konahamaru flying in the air and Konohamaru was about to give up when a flashback about the dream to become the next Hokage refreshes his determination and fighting will power.

Konohamaru unleashed several powerful jutsu attacks he learned from his grandfather (3rd Hokage) and his great uncle (Azuma Sarutobi) and finally landed a blow on Naruto as he trip and fall when avoiding an attack from Konohamaru. Naruto got serious and enters into senjutsu mode. Shikamaru disqualifies Naruto and declares Konohamaru as the winner!

Everyone gathered and told Naruto that he can become a Chuunin anytime with his skills. Everyone except Konohamaru who declare that Naruto will become his subordinate from that day onwards.

P.s. Reviews on Naruto Movie : Blood Prison will be coming soon!