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Naruto SD: Rock Lee & His Ninja Pals [Episode 3] April 21, 2012

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A Competition with the Genius Ninja, Neji [Part 1]


Rock Lee showing Ten Ten his Byakugan skills

Rock Lee is determined to become the best ninja despite not being to use ninjutsu. The episode begins with Rock Lee fighting against a group of mobsters and defeating them. However, Neji arrive and defeated their boss. Soon the news spread all over the town about Neji the genius ninja.

Meanwhile, Ten Ten was searching for a picture that she lost. Ten Ten decide to ask Neji ask he can use his Byakugan (a skill to see through anything) to help her search for the missing picture. Rock Lee intercepted the request and informed Ten Ten that he is also able to use the skill. This angers Ten Ten but she already accepted the fact that Rock Lee is not able to use ninjutsu. Thus, Rock Lee pledges to overtake Neji someday by perfecting his ninjutsu. Neji then appeared with the missing picture, handing it over to Ten Ten and head home.

Ten Ten then told Sakura some stories from before on how Neji has grown into the perfect ninja. Naruto and Rock Lee who were ears dropping nearby went to spy on Nejis’s activities. Both of them found out that he was more superior and he even wears boxers. So Rock Lee provoked and challenges Neji to a fight which Neji duly accepted. The fight will take place in a week so that he can have some time to train with Naruto assisting him.

Rock Lee arrived late for the fight. His appearance was so macho for all the training which freaks out Ten Ten and Sakura. The fight begins with Neji attacking full force. Rock Lee managed to avoid all the attacks except one which deflated his macho-ness. This left Rock Lee which no choice but to use his final attack – Byakugan Rock Lee style + Eight Trigram, Sixty Four Head butts. This left both of them knockout.

The match ended in a draw. Neji then complimented Rock Lee for his hard work and effort in becoming a great ninja. Despite fighting him so many times and losing every time, this is the first time it ended in a draw. In the end, everyone was happy and soon Neji join them for their crazy body building training regime.

Ten Ten’s Must-Win Battle [Part 2]


When becoming gentleman fails, Rock Lee & Neji changes Ten Ten into a guy

Rock Lee and Neji are sparring with Ten Ten keeping time. Somehow in the middle of the fight, Rock Lee drops his pants and show Neji that he has matured by wearing boxers. This upsets Ten Ten as she punishes both of them and gave a lecture about being gentleman.

She got frustrated and continues the team mission while Rock Lee and Neji watch from afar. She defeated the mafia and got them retreating. A lady boss appears and reversed the scene with her seducing powers and even changed the mafias into fighters. She them tease Ten Ten that she cannot even have men to protect her. She got even angrier when she called for help from Rock Lee and Neji were ignored. She defeated the mafias alone and gave another lecture to both of them.

The next day, Rock Lee and Neji tried very hard to become a gentleman but failed. When they failed to become gentleman, they thought best that Ten Ten change into a guy and they would not have to become a gentleman. They dress Ten Ten up as a guy which got Ten Ten very upset and she walks away. Ten Ten was mistakenly attacked by the mafias and the lady boss extorting for money. The mafias later found out Ten Ten’s identity and laughed at her for failing to have man protecting her. She was chained and struggling to free herself until Rock Lee and Neji came running to her rescue. She thought that they finally see through the light. Instead Rock Lee threw her an underwear informing her that the only part missing to becoming a guy. This got her all fired up and beat up everyone. She gave up and it is a battle she cannot win and she will never force them to become gentleman again.



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