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The Back-Up Plan [2010] August 17, 2010

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PhotobucketZoe (Jennifer Lopez) a pet store owner was consulting her best friend Mona, about getting a baby. She still insisting of starting a family despite discouragement from her friend. She bought semen and got inseminated at the hospital.

She was so happy after whole process that she went in the rain to get a cab. She got in the cab at the same time as Stan did. They argued about it and she did not want to get spoiled her happy moment that she got out of the cab. Stan (Alex O’Loughlin) felt guilty about it and got out as well and the cab drove away. They both took the train and went separate ways later after she flip a penny on the road which she believes that if it is heads up it will bring good luck. Stan took the heads up coin and went moved on.

The next day, Zoe and Mona went to the market to get some muffins. Zoe saw a familiar face at a Cheese stall which belongs to Stan and he later came over to say hi. They talked for a little while and Zoe left the market. At night during a pet seminar at her pet shop, Stan suddenly walked in and started a conversation with Zoe. They created a commotion and left the place to grab a bite.

Stan invited Zoe for a dinner one day at a beautiful garden. As Stan was in for a kiss, he accidentally spilled the red wine all over Zoe and later the table caught fire.  Zoe put up the fire with the garden hoe and later they were playing with the water like small kids. Stan told Zoe that he owes her a dress and invited her over to his farm next week.

Zoe found out she was pregnant but was in love with Stan. She decided to spill the news to him when she visits him at the farm. Upon reaching the farm, she rammed her car into the tree when she keeps staring at Stan’s semi-naked body working at the farm. Zoe was about to break the news but she was stopped by Stan who brought her to his cheese farm. They later make love inside the farm and after an exciting affair; Zoe told him that she was pregnant. Stan was surprised about it and walked away confused.

Zoe left the next morning and believing that the relationship will not work out. However, Stan wants to be with Zoe as he stills loves. Stan patch things up with Zoe and attended a medical checkup with Zoe. Stan later was stunned once again when the doctor told them that she has twins. Stan was unable to digest the news and went to the park where he was thought to be a pervert. He later made friends with the guy and learn about family life with kids. It’s like an awful, awful, awful feeling and then this magical moment appears, he said.

Stan beginning to accept the whole situation and soon later he found out that it takes a lot of money to raise a kid and she is having two. He has sleepless night thinking about the whole situation but was assured by Zoe that things will work out fine as she has some savings. Stan beginning to accept his role and order a custom made stroller for twins.

However their relationship goes rocky as they have several misunderstanding and one day Stan told a friend that he is fathering twins which are not his. Zoe got upset about the statement and they broke off.

Nana (Linda Lavin), her grandmother, drop by Zoe’s house to announce that she is finally getting married to Arthur. Zoe told Nana that she and Stan have gone separate ways and as they were about to leave the house, the custom made stroller arrived. It was then that Zoe realized that Stan was never leaving them and stuck through thick and thin with her.

Zoe was desperate to make amends with Stan. She kept calling Stan during Nana’s wedding and was looking for an opportunity to sneak away to look for Stan. As she wanted to run away, she got caught into a dance which later her water broke and was going to deliver.

Zoe was rush to the hospital but they made a pit stop at market to look for Stan in the wedding car. Zoe apologized to him and they went to the hospital together for the delivery. In the operating theatre, Stan showed her the lucky coin that he had picked up since he met her and told her that he fell in love the day he met her. Stan also made her promise that she should learn to trust him more.

They were together once again. Stan opened a Cheese shop next to Zoe’s pet store. At the opening ceremony, he proposed to Zoe and she agreed. On their way back home with their twins, they found out that another surprise stood waiting for them as Zoe puke when she reach the doorstep.