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District 9 (2009) October 17, 2009

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This is an interesting documentary style movie about aliens on Earth. 30 years ago, the aliens landed in Johannesburg, South Africa but did not launch any attacks nor did it appear on Earth. Humans were curious and for precautious reasons they decided to find out what is inside the alien spaceship. When they reached they spaceship, they found out that the aliens were refugees and were living like cannibals (I don’t know why these aliens have low IQ). These millions of prawn looking aliens were then shifted down from their aircraft to a military confined land named District 9, home to millions of aliens.

Multi-National United (MNU) were contracted to look after the aliens welfare. Wilkus van der Merwe (Sharlto Copley) was promoted to lead the operations of these aliens. Soon, the people of Africa complained that these aliens are using to much of the countries resources and is not contributing to the nation. MNU led by Wilkus decided to shift the aliens to new place location named District 10. However, he has to get the agreement of the aliens to relocate by trading cat food (don’t understand why aliens love cat food -.-) for their hand prints. It was then that Wilkus found a mysterious liquid which he confiscated along with weaponries from other aliens. He accidentally sprayed some of these liquid onto his face while experimenting it. He felt ill and was taken to the hospital for medication.

Back the at headquarters, the armies were experimenting on the high-tech weaponries which were confiscated but failed to used any of it as it requires aliens DNA to operate it. Meanwhile, Wilkus is slowing mutating into an alien where his left hand is fully transformed. Wilkus was then reprimanded and use for experiment purposes starting with the weapons. The scientists were amazed at the technologies as it could generate tremendous profits and decided to vivisect him before he fully transform into an alien. Wilkus was scared and panicked and overpowered the scientist and fled to District 9.

There is a group of Nigerian gang living in District 9. They have been actively trading weaponries with the aliens in exchange for cat food. Their leader soon found out about Wilkus conditions and was very interested to know how he transforms into an alien. A fight broke out and Wilkus manages to escape and he went to look for the alien were he confiscated the liquid previously (somehow this alien has a very high IQ). That Alien named Christopher (yes, unbelievably it has a name!) told Wilkus that the only way to cure him is to return to the mother ship. However, it cannot be done as it does not have the mysterious liquid. 

Wilkus still carries hope to change back into a human. Together with Christopher, they gathered some weaponries and attacked MNU’s headquarter to retrieve the liquid. They succeeded and it was also the time that Christopher learned that the humans are experimenting them (a sequel, maybe?). Having seen the experiments, Christopher told Wilkus that he will return to the mother ship and return with solution to save its kind and promise him that he will be cured in 3 years. Not willing to wait that long, he attacks Christopher to fly the ship on his own. While trying to flee to the mother ship, the spaceship was blasted by the MNU’s military slightly damaging it and crashed onto the ground.

The military is gaining on him and he has not much hope to flee the scene. It was then that he decided to help Christopher return to the mother ship while he will wait 3 years for his return to cure him. Badly wounded, Wilkus manages to help Christopher escape with the mother ship. The people of South Africa were rejoiced about the situation. 

At the end, Wilkus’s wife receives a hand made metal flower at her doorstep. She was curious but suspected it was from Wilkus. Wilkus now a fully mutated alien was seen in a garbage junk making hand made paper flowers before the movie ends.

This movie has a very unique storyline unlike any other alien movies out there. Have you seen any dumb alien movie before? No, right? The way the movie was made is also interesting and it contains lots of fighting / war actions as well. Well, this is it. I’m now waiting for the sequel to the movie to find out lots of things about this movie such why aliens are dumb! It’s not a scary movie and it’s extraordinary!