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Coach Carter (2005) December 11, 2009

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Ken Carter (Samuel L. Jackson) went to Richmond High School for the high school basketball match. He attended the match to watch his son, Damian Carter play against his school where he graduated as a legend but Damian did not play at all as he is a freshman. Halfway through the match, there was little commotion and the match was called off to avoid a fight. Later, Ken Carter went to meet the coach of Richmond High School. He was offered to coach the basketball team of Richmond High School.

He conducted his first training session with a briefing. He believes in respects and morale values and insists everyone abides by it. He also gave them contracts to fulfill if they want to play basketball for the team. The contracts states that the players requires a 2.3 Grade Point Average, attending all class and sit in the first row and wearing formal attire on game nights. Many players rejected it and walk out of the team. The rest of the team then continues training the basics by running suicides. As they train, he continues to explain his rules and regulations.  He even invited the player’s parents to brief them on the contracts which were rejected by the parents.

Back home, his son made his dad sign a contract and informed him that he has switched schools and Richmond High School is expecting him the next day. His dad was angry but he told him that he is old enough to make his own decisions which his dad duly agrees. Next day, he reported to Richmond High School and was late for basketball practice. He was punished as Ken Carter is not bias to anyone.

Ken Carter then teaches them some game strategy using women names. Diane is use for man to man defense and Delilah is use for trap offense. After learning the new tricks, they were playing their first game of the season which they won by point in the last second against an exhausted team.

The next day, he continues drilling the players with fundamentals. Timo Cruz who walk out of the team came back to rejoin the team. Ken Carter told him in order to rejoin the team , he owes the team 2, 500 push ups and 1,000 suicides. Timo walk to the side line and started paying his dues while Ken Carter starts teaching them about Linda. Linda is an offense strategy which leads to pick and rolls. Days past and Timo came short of 80 push ups and 500 suicides. He was asked to leave the gym and quit the team. The team then chips in to share the burden so that he can play in the team.

Richmond High School continues winning games with a record 19-0 a record where last year the Richmond Oilers only won 4 games the whole season. Ken Carter found out that his players does not attend classes and suspended his star player until his grades improves. His mother came to look for Ken Carter to plea so that his son can rejoin the team.

The impressive winning streak continues and they were invited to participate in the Bayhill Tournament Championship. Richmond Oilers won the tournament with a last second hook by winning a point. At night, Ken Carter was celebrating with his wife and she wanted to talk to her MVP son. Ken Carter went over to look for Damian but he found out the whole team weren’t there. He soon learned that his team was partying at someone’s house and he sends the whole team on the bus back to Richmond High School.

Ken Carter then obtained the player’s poor grades. He locks out the gym and it will remain locked until grades improve. Time passes and the gym continue remain locked and basketball games are forfeited. The team was forced to study in the library during training period.

Ken Carter explained to the team that Richmond High graduates 50% of its students and out of that, 6% goes to college which means 1 student in every classroom is going to college.  As for young African Americans who do not go to college, they would probably end up in prison. In the county 33% of black males between 18 and 24 years get arrested. While growing in Richmond, there are 80% chances ending up in prison. He asked them to mirror themselves and see what they project themselves in the future.

There was a sports board hearing where teachers, parents and players to discuss the vote on the lockout. The hearing resulted in the ending the lockout. Ken Carter went back to the gym to retrieve his belonging as he resigns as a coach. To his surprise, he found the players studying in the gym instead of playing ball. He reconsidered his decision.

The lockout ended as the grades improves. Richmond Oilers continue back their winning ways and qualified for the playoff. However, they lost in the playoff in a last minute play losing 68-67. The season ends for Richmond Oilers but the players ended up as winners. They won 5 scholarships and 6 went to college.

If you love basketball and Samuel L Jackson’s movie, this is a must watch. It is not only about basketball but it contains lots of morale values of life, basketball tips, life in ‘da hood and much more. It does reflects life of African Americans and people with no education. Watch it to see watch I mean! Guaranteed enjoyable!