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Monsters Vs. Alien (2009) June 8, 2009

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Photobucket I’ll start off ranting about the ticket pricing … an increase of RM 6 for a¬†3D version which is equivalent to 60% increase!! Well, I know our ticket pricing is still much lower compared to most countries such as Singapore, Thailand, Indonesia or Taiwan. Well, the pricing I paid was well worth it.

I suggest if you wanna watch this movie, go for the 3D version. The movie has a normal storyline and nothing to be amazed of. If you go for the 3D version, you will find that the images are quite realistic and will be slightly exciting. You will also get tiring eyes … haha.

The movie begins with Susan (Reese Witherspoon) getting married to Derek (Paul Rudd), a carrier minded news anchorman. Few minutes before the wedding, Susan got hit with a meteorite and absorbing a substance called quantonium. During the matrimony, Susan started glowing and then growing. She was immediately captured by the government secret service.

She was imprisoned along with other captured monsters which consist of a mad scientist cockroach, B.O.B., Insectisaurus and The Missing Link (fish-ape hybrid). Susan was given a monster named Ginormica. This was also when Gallaxhar, detects the quantonium on earth and launches an attack on earth.

When the Alien landed, The President of United States tried to make a first contact with the Alien but it fails and when on rampant destruction. The military tried destroying it but failed miserably. This was when General Monger, the person who ran the top secret monster prison facilities suggested to the President to use Monsters to fight off Aliens.

So the Monsters defeated the Alien. Monsters were granted freedom and still scaring off humans, who wouldn’t? Aliens launches and another attack, Susan got captured and Monsters when rescuing Susan and destroying Gallaxhar. It is a simple story plot.

The storyline is nothing interesting but the 3D version will thrill you a bit. It has some hilarious scenes and other than that this is the worst animated movie being released by Dreamworks Animation and Paramount Pictures. This is my opinion, well maybe you’ll disagree.