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Cloudy With A Chance of Meatballs (2009) October 21, 2009

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PhotobucketFlint Lockwood (Bill Hader) always wanted to become a scientist. Since young he had being creating lots of inventions. Of course, most of his inventions failed. His inventions are like spray on shoe which cannot be removed, ratbirds, walking TV and many more.

One day in school, he introduced his latest invention – the spray on shoe. Since kids were having problems with untie shoelaces, it was a radical invention. However, there is no way to remove it. He was being laughed at school and went home disappointed with the shoe stuck for life. His mother cheered him and asks him never to give up hope like all the famous scientists which he sticks on his walls. She later gave him a scientist coat, the one he always wanted!

Several years past in the town of Swallow Falls. His mother had past away. Flint Lockwood continue with his inventions and his dad runs a bait shop earning a living selling sardines. Soon, sardines were no longer in favor and the economy went real bad leaving sardines as the only food for the people.

The mayor wanted to reintroduce the town with a theme park known as Sardine Land. It was also at the same time that Flint came up with a new invention by using water to convert into any kind of food (the Flint Lockwood Diatonic Super Mutating Dynamic Food Replicator or FLDSMDFR for short). His first attempt failed due to the lack of electricity. Meanwhile, Sam Sparks (Anna Faris) was given the chance to be the weather intern for Swallow Falls with Manny, the cameraman. (Benjamin Bratt)

On the launching day of Sardine Land, Flint and his pet monkey named Steve (Neil Patrick Harris), who speaks through a translator (another of his invention) uses the power station to charge up the machine.  When it start up the machine, it flew everywhere at high speed causing maximum damage in the town before the machine shot up to the sky. It causes havoc in town and messes up Sam’s debut as a reporter (she fumbles anyway). Everyone in town was outrage and disappointed with the incident including his father.

Flint and Steve hid at the dock and he accidentally bump into Sam. They beginning exchanging conversation and later clouds of cheese burgers came falling down. His first ever invention was a success! Everyone begin to love his invention except for his dad. The next day, the town was raining all kinds of food for breakfast, lunch and dinner. The town people beginning to send request for food.  Flint and Sam also started dating. The machine is now unable to handle too much request as the danger meter shown 50%. The food molecule is starting to mutate and the food is now becoming larger.

The mayor came up with a new plan. He plans to reintroduce the town as a food theme park naming it Chewandswallow. People from all the around the world came for the launching. The mayor now bloated (obese) is enjoying the food and order a Vegas style buffet.  Flint tried to stop him but the mayor ended up destroying the laboratory. However, he went on with the launching of the theme park despite Sam trying to warned him about the weather storm approaching.

Soon a huge hurricane of spaghetti and meatballs came storming the town and everyone started vacating the island. Flint realizes he was a failure and hid among the junk. His dad gave him some words of encouragement and told him that only he can save the world. He regains his confidence and immediately went to the lab to derive a kill code. Driving his Flying Car with Wings, he set out to destroy his FLDSMDFR with Sam, Manny, Baby Brent [Andy Samberg] (the celebrity mascot for Sardine town) and his monkey, Steve. While approaching the FLDSMDFR, he lost the USB with contains the kill code. He called his dad for help to send him the kill code to his cell phone.

Later Flint, Sam and Baby Brent manage to venture into the FLDSMDFR. They were attacked by some human eating chickens and one of it ate Brent. Brent however fought back and later becomes one with the chicken and fought back to allow Flint and Sam to jam the control with the kill code. On the way there, Sam got injured by some peanut brittle and she is swelling up pretty bad due to allergic. Flint asked Brent to bring Sam back to the car for the allergic injections while he went to solve the matter alone.

He reached the control panel and stuck his cell phone in it. However, his dad sends him the wrong one. Instead of the kill code, his dad sends him the video of the kitten and ducklings singing “Fight the Power”. Still fighting and struggling with the control panel, he later uses his spray on shoe invention and spray on the machine. The machine swells up and later exploded.

The world is now safe and Flint is nowhere to be seen. Everyone thought he was dead but a flock of ratbirds save him and retrieve him back on ground. His father finally admits his proud feelings and love to his son through the monkey translator, and Flint and Sam finally kiss.

Flint and everyone else enjoy their new life in a food paradise, renamed Chewandswallow 2. Tim and Flint open up a new business that uses Flint’s spray on shoes spray to repair roofs, and the Mayor is arrested and jailed for his greedy behavior.

I believe the movie will be more enjoyable if it is in 3D. It has lots of humorous jokes but you have to catch the meaning of it. It’s kind of interesting as its story is kinda unique. Did you know that this story existed since I was born dating back to year 1978? Anyway, blogging this makes me hungry and I’m heading off to Chewandswallow, free food anyone?