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Dragonball Evolution (PSP) April 28, 2009

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Dragonball Evolution is a fighting game taken from the movie itself. The game is as bad as the movie so I’ll not elaborate much about it. Some of the graphic images of the character are cut and paste images to make it look as real while some are cartoonic images. Funny right? It isn’t standardized!

The characters available are Goku, Gohan (Goku’s grandfather), Chi-Chi, Bulma, Piccolo, Transformed version of Goku, Muten Roshi (Chow Yun-Fat), Yamcha, Mai, and some other characters [I dunno their names as I played the Japanese version and I don’t think it appeared in the movie].

This is the normal fighting game where you choose your character and fight against computer chosen character. The character which KO the opponent will be declare the winner unless time is up, then the player with the most HP will be declare the winner.

There are also a mode where you are give some ways to defeat the opponent such HP based, skill based and etc … Sorry, I can’t give you an exact detail as I didn’t play it much. My information provider is Hau whom completed the game with all SS ranks. Those mode will help you unlock characters such as Piccolo if I’m not mistaken you will unlock Ozaru too.

I do not recommend this game much as I rather prefer the old skool cartoonic version. I think the old skool ones will bring you more joy as you will have Kame Hame Ha instead of this game which most characters doesn’t exist yet and skills aren’t fully developed yet due to the movie. Try it out but I’ll give it 1/5 stars.


Beverly Hills ChiHuaHua (2008) January 6, 2009

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The movie is about a ChiHuaHua named Chloe (voiced by Drew Barrymore) that lives a wealthy lifestyle with spas, designers clothing, birthday parties with press coverage, hotel dining and etc. Rachel (Piper Perabo) was left in charge of Chloe as her Aunt Viv (Jamie Lee Curtis) needs to travel to Milan for some business.

Rachel invited her friends over to the mansion while the Chloe also invited its friends for a weekly gathering by the pool. It was then they meet Papi (voiced over by George Lopez), another ChiHuaHua; and Aunt Viv’s landscaper, Sam (Manolo Cardona) arguing about Papi being a nuisance.

The next day, Rachel received a phone call and off they went to Mexico for a holiday with Chloe tagging along. Rachel was ignoring Chloe once they reached Mexico and begin to party away. Chloe decided to tag along and spoil her fun but before she can do that she was dognapped!

She awoke in a dogfight arena next to Delgado, a German Shepherd (Edward James Olmos) with a lost sense of smelling. Chloe was then placed into the arena with killer Doberman named Diablo (voiced by Andy Garcia). Chloe managed to escape death with Delgado saving her in the nick of time and they left together with the rest of the captured dogs.

Lost with no place to go, she decided to tag along with Delgado. It was then Chloe realized that no one recognized her and she have to live like a stray dog and need to get back to Beverly Hills for the luxury live. Diablo’s owner then learned that Chloe is worth a lot of money and ask Diablo to track her down. The journey then begins with Delgado helping Chloe back to Beverly Hills with all his connections and Diablo chasing after them everywhere. Meanwhile, Rachel and Sam reported the incident to the police to search for Chloe before Aunt Viv is back from her trip. Papi was the hero in helping them track down Chloe making some friend on the way and managed to get them sheltered homes.

The story is rather interesting especially for dog lover who loves to pamper their dogs. The clothing on the dogs will definitely charm you. The morale of the story is to love your animals and if you are willing take care of the strays too. Exciting, fun and the animals are lively (maybe some CG effects). I love the lizard!! The color on its body is just wonderful!

“Talk to the PAW”

High School Musical 3 (2008) October 27, 2008

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As I mentioned earlier in my previous blog about High School Musical, there are people who love it and hate it. I went to the cinema to watch it with Alvyn and Yen Hau yesterday. There were people of all ages ranging from parents to little kids age around 6 years old. The kids were hilarious as some of them clapped their hands after each song and some even cheered “Yay!!”. There were one little boy who did not fancy the movie and started running round the theater and even came out of nowhere to frighten Yen Hau with a “Boooo”. Another kid even started singing to his own musical theme during the movie.

The movie begins with the Wild Cats losing badly during the finals of the basketball tournament. At half time break, the coach told them that as senior players that have 16 minutes to change whatever it takes in the court and go out and have fun. They went out with a bang and won the tournament as back to back champions.

So it was back to school and everyone was busy with their finals and personal stuffs. With some persuasion and Troy leading the way, everyone was involved in Spring Musical which is the last performing arts in their high school years. Kelsi was in charge of the songs and arrangement and Ryan was the chorographer. Troy, Kelsi, Ryan and Sharpay were being considered a scholarship in the Julliard School of Arts and will be review during the Spring Musical.

Troy was having some ups and downs as usual. He did not want his life plan out without him making any decisions. Gabriella in the other hand was offered a scholarship and has to leave East High. It was hard for her to say goodbye to her friends and have to miss out the prom night with Troy.

Troy went to Stanford University to look for Gabriella after she called to break up. They patched up and waltz together before heading back to East High for the 2nd part of the Spring Musical. Everything went smoothly except for Sharpay who humiliated herself in front of audience. It was later announced that both Kelsi and Ryan had been offered the scholarship at Julliard.

The show ended during the graduation with Troy giving a graduation speech. “We are all in this together” graduation theme was played and they sing and dance before the curtains came to an end.

I do not find the songs as catchy as the previous ones but it is still entertaining overall. Maybe it is because I did not hear the songs before on air. I guess after watching this movie, most of the kids will be starting to ask their parents for waltz classes as the prom night was waltz theme.