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The Brass Teapot June 27, 2013

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 photo thebrassteapot_zps8bd6aa3a.jpgThis movie is about John (Michael Angarano) and Alice (Juno Temple) whom are married and living a struggling life. John used to be the nerd at school or the constant one being bullied which Alice used to be the hot chick. Life after school and marriage seems to make them the losers. John is a telemarketer while Alice tries to get herself a high pay job.

One day while traveling, their car got hit by another car. The police came and they soon found out that the road signs were being chop off which causes accident. Both are unhurt. Alice look across the street and saw an antique shop. It was an instinct that she needed to go over and get / buy something. She storm off to the shop and saw a elderly woman (who looks a witch doctor), carefully placing a brass teapot onto an antique table. She stole the teapot while the elderly woman was attending to a phone call and ran off with it.

The following day, Alice was up-keeping her hair while she talking on the phone. She accidentally hurt herself and found that there was a slight movement from the teapot. She inspected it and found several hundred of dollars in it. She try to hurt herself again and soon found out that the brass teapot generates monies if she hurt herself. When John came home and told Alice that he got fired, Alice assured him that money will not be a problem and show him the money that the magic teapot generates.

When John figures that there might be a curse (or something bad might happen to them), he tried to get rid of it by placing an auction advertisement on TV. They also made a pledge that when they made a million dollars they will get rid of the brass teapot. As they begin to live a posh life where they are not losers anymore, troubles came knocking on their door. Two men claimed to be the family of the elderly woman ransack their home and took their monies and left. Feeling something was terribly wrong, both of them went to the library to do some research on the teapot. This is when Alice found out there is a curse on the teapot and rip the page off the book and hid it away, assuring John nothing bad could happen.

While they are having a party at their place, Mr. Li Ling (Stephen Park) came knocking at their door. They told him they do not have the teapot with him. Several days later, John confronted Mr. Li Ling about the brass teapot and found out that the teapot will be disastrous to them and ask to be given over to him to hid it away from the world. Alice objected and they continued to inflict pain to make more money. This is when Arnie, their former school mate and land lord, (Billy Magnussen) found something amiss about their sudden richness and soon found out about the secret.

John and Alice finally agree to hand over the brass teapot over to Mr. Li Ling as the situation is getting out of hand. However, Arnie stole the brass teapot and started making money for himself. He nearly shoot both of them, which could easily make lot of money but the two mens came in and demanded for teapot. Arnie reluctantly resist to hand it over and guns where fired on both ends and ended with casualties. John and Alice recovered the teapot and hand it over to Mr. Li Ling who disposes it in the sea.

Overall the movie looks like Aladdin the lamp with a different twist to the story. Well it may seems to be unsuitable for kids, the movie looks like a budgeted production. The greed that ones seek after can be easily given up due to some karma. The ending was slightly poor and is kind of an average movie to me. I will give it a 2 stars out of 5 stars rating.


The Back-Up Plan [2010] August 17, 2010

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PhotobucketZoe (Jennifer Lopez) a pet store owner was consulting her best friend Mona, about getting a baby. She still insisting of starting a family despite discouragement from her friend. She bought semen and got inseminated at the hospital.

She was so happy after whole process that she went in the rain to get a cab. She got in the cab at the same time as Stan did. They argued about it and she did not want to get spoiled her happy moment that she got out of the cab. Stan (Alex O’Loughlin) felt guilty about it and got out as well and the cab drove away. They both took the train and went separate ways later after she flip a penny on the road which she believes that if it is heads up it will bring good luck. Stan took the heads up coin and went moved on.

The next day, Zoe and Mona went to the market to get some muffins. Zoe saw a familiar face at a Cheese stall which belongs to Stan and he later came over to say hi. They talked for a little while and Zoe left the market. At night during a pet seminar at her pet shop, Stan suddenly walked in and started a conversation with Zoe. They created a commotion and left the place to grab a bite.

Stan invited Zoe for a dinner one day at a beautiful garden. As Stan was in for a kiss, he accidentally spilled the red wine all over Zoe and later the table caught fire.  Zoe put up the fire with the garden hoe and later they were playing with the water like small kids. Stan told Zoe that he owes her a dress and invited her over to his farm next week.

Zoe found out she was pregnant but was in love with Stan. She decided to spill the news to him when she visits him at the farm. Upon reaching the farm, she rammed her car into the tree when she keeps staring at Stan’s semi-naked body working at the farm. Zoe was about to break the news but she was stopped by Stan who brought her to his cheese farm. They later make love inside the farm and after an exciting affair; Zoe told him that she was pregnant. Stan was surprised about it and walked away confused.

Zoe left the next morning and believing that the relationship will not work out. However, Stan wants to be with Zoe as he stills loves. Stan patch things up with Zoe and attended a medical checkup with Zoe. Stan later was stunned once again when the doctor told them that she has twins. Stan was unable to digest the news and went to the park where he was thought to be a pervert. He later made friends with the guy and learn about family life with kids. It’s like an awful, awful, awful feeling and then this magical moment appears, he said.

Stan beginning to accept the whole situation and soon later he found out that it takes a lot of money to raise a kid and she is having two. He has sleepless night thinking about the whole situation but was assured by Zoe that things will work out fine as she has some savings. Stan beginning to accept his role and order a custom made stroller for twins.

However their relationship goes rocky as they have several misunderstanding and one day Stan told a friend that he is fathering twins which are not his. Zoe got upset about the statement and they broke off.

Nana (Linda Lavin), her grandmother, drop by Zoe’s house to announce that she is finally getting married to Arthur. Zoe told Nana that she and Stan have gone separate ways and as they were about to leave the house, the custom made stroller arrived. It was then that Zoe realized that Stan was never leaving them and stuck through thick and thin with her.

Zoe was desperate to make amends with Stan. She kept calling Stan during Nana’s wedding and was looking for an opportunity to sneak away to look for Stan. As she wanted to run away, she got caught into a dance which later her water broke and was going to deliver.

Zoe was rush to the hospital but they made a pit stop at market to look for Stan in the wedding car. Zoe apologized to him and they went to the hospital together for the delivery. In the operating theatre, Stan showed her the lucky coin that he had picked up since he met her and told her that he fell in love the day he met her. Stan also made her promise that she should learn to trust him more.

They were together once again. Stan opened a Cheese shop next to Zoe’s pet store. At the opening ceremony, he proposed to Zoe and she agreed. On their way back home with their twins, they found out that another surprise stood waiting for them as Zoe puke when she reach the doorstep.

The Hangover (2009) March 2, 2010

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PhotobucketThis is a hilarious comedy about 4 guys who overdone it at a bachelor party. Doug (Justin Bartha) is about to marry Tracy (Sasha Barrase). Doug’s buddies – Phil (Bradley Cooper), Stu (Ed Helms) and his soon-to-be brother-in-law (Zach Galifianakis) embark on a bachelor party at Vegas. They booked a villa at Caesars Palace Hotel and Casino and sneak off to the rooftop for a toast, what they did not realized is that the drink was spiked with drugs which was supposedly make them high.

They woke up the next morning not remembering anything but the villa was in a total mess. They also found out that Doug (soon to be groom) was missing and they have to attend their wedding the following day. They started panicking and trying to recall everything that had happened the night by picking up clues from the messy villa.

Note : I will not elaborate much of the events as it will take away much of the fun from the movie. You have to watch the movie to find out and enjoyed it. I will give a bit of hints but you have to watch the movie to know how it happens. There was a tiger in the bathroom, a baby in the closet, Stu had a missing tooth, Phil ended up in the hospital and much more.

They soon got everything together and had to rush to the wedding. They had they tuxedos delivered to them at the highway and they even changed by the roadside. They manage to attend the wedding and the wedding did go on. They soon discovered that they had taken some photos on the bachelor party after the wedding and they swore that they will delete it after watching it. Those photos are one wild crazy party!

Note : The movie contains lots of vulgarity and some nudity scenes. It is not suitable for children viewing!

Coach Carter (2005) December 11, 2009

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Ken Carter (Samuel L. Jackson) went to Richmond High School for the high school basketball match. He attended the match to watch his son, Damian Carter play against his school where he graduated as a legend but Damian did not play at all as he is a freshman. Halfway through the match, there was little commotion and the match was called off to avoid a fight. Later, Ken Carter went to meet the coach of Richmond High School. He was offered to coach the basketball team of Richmond High School.

He conducted his first training session with a briefing. He believes in respects and morale values and insists everyone abides by it. He also gave them contracts to fulfill if they want to play basketball for the team. The contracts states that the players requires a 2.3 Grade Point Average, attending all class and sit in the first row and wearing formal attire on game nights. Many players rejected it and walk out of the team. The rest of the team then continues training the basics by running suicides. As they train, he continues to explain his rules and regulations.  He even invited the player’s parents to brief them on the contracts which were rejected by the parents.

Back home, his son made his dad sign a contract and informed him that he has switched schools and Richmond High School is expecting him the next day. His dad was angry but he told him that he is old enough to make his own decisions which his dad duly agrees. Next day, he reported to Richmond High School and was late for basketball practice. He was punished as Ken Carter is not bias to anyone.

Ken Carter then teaches them some game strategy using women names. Diane is use for man to man defense and Delilah is use for trap offense. After learning the new tricks, they were playing their first game of the season which they won by point in the last second against an exhausted team.

The next day, he continues drilling the players with fundamentals. Timo Cruz who walk out of the team came back to rejoin the team. Ken Carter told him in order to rejoin the team , he owes the team 2, 500 push ups and 1,000 suicides. Timo walk to the side line and started paying his dues while Ken Carter starts teaching them about Linda. Linda is an offense strategy which leads to pick and rolls. Days past and Timo came short of 80 push ups and 500 suicides. He was asked to leave the gym and quit the team. The team then chips in to share the burden so that he can play in the team.

Richmond High School continues winning games with a record 19-0 a record where last year the Richmond Oilers only won 4 games the whole season. Ken Carter found out that his players does not attend classes and suspended his star player until his grades improves. His mother came to look for Ken Carter to plea so that his son can rejoin the team.

The impressive winning streak continues and they were invited to participate in the Bayhill Tournament Championship. Richmond Oilers won the tournament with a last second hook by winning a point. At night, Ken Carter was celebrating with his wife and she wanted to talk to her MVP son. Ken Carter went over to look for Damian but he found out the whole team weren’t there. He soon learned that his team was partying at someone’s house and he sends the whole team on the bus back to Richmond High School.

Ken Carter then obtained the player’s poor grades. He locks out the gym and it will remain locked until grades improve. Time passes and the gym continue remain locked and basketball games are forfeited. The team was forced to study in the library during training period.

Ken Carter explained to the team that Richmond High graduates 50% of its students and out of that, 6% goes to college which means 1 student in every classroom is going to college.  As for young African Americans who do not go to college, they would probably end up in prison. In the county 33% of black males between 18 and 24 years get arrested. While growing in Richmond, there are 80% chances ending up in prison. He asked them to mirror themselves and see what they project themselves in the future.

There was a sports board hearing where teachers, parents and players to discuss the vote on the lockout. The hearing resulted in the ending the lockout. Ken Carter went back to the gym to retrieve his belonging as he resigns as a coach. To his surprise, he found the players studying in the gym instead of playing ball. He reconsidered his decision.

The lockout ended as the grades improves. Richmond Oilers continue back their winning ways and qualified for the playoff. However, they lost in the playoff in a last minute play losing 68-67. The season ends for Richmond Oilers but the players ended up as winners. They won 5 scholarships and 6 went to college.

If you love basketball and Samuel L Jackson’s movie, this is a must watch. It is not only about basketball but it contains lots of morale values of life, basketball tips, life in ‘da hood and much more. It does reflects life of African Americans and people with no education. Watch it to see watch I mean! Guaranteed enjoyable!

2012 (2009) November 16, 2009

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2012 is one of the blockbuster movies of the year which you must watch! Raking in the most money one the first week since it open which surprising not anticipated by anyone or any other directors.  The 3 hours long movie is interested and full of actions and rarely has much space for filming errors.

Director Roland Emmerich who is famous for his world catastrophe movies (Independence Day & The Day After Tomorrow) is back with a new exciting idea full with actions with the clock ticking down on dooms day. His latest movie 2012 begins in the year 2009 when an American scientist, Adrian Helmsley (Chiwetel Ejiofor) travels to India to meet his friend Satnam (Jimi Mistry) who informed and showed him that the Earth’s core temperature is rapidly increasing at an alarming rate.

Adrian immediately flew back to Washington DC an interrupted a high profile charity function to informed Chief of Staff – Carl Anheuser (Oliver Platt) on the situation. Adrian immediately got promoted and they went to see the President of USA, Thomas Wilson (Danny Glover) of the situation.

The movie then fast forward to the year 2012. During the 36th G8 Summit meeting, the President informed the leaders of the summit of the situation and their preparation for the world ending. Billionaires are allowed a seat on the ark by paying a billion Euros for a seat to fund the project.

Meanwhile in another scene (yes, there is 2 scenes), Jackson Curtis (John Cusack) who is a writer who sold 400+ copies of his book and also a divorced father of 2 children; promised to bring his children for a camping trip at the Yellowstone National Park. His ex-wife Kate (Amanda Peet) and their children Noah who hated his father (Liam James) and Lily who loves his father (Morgan Lily) is currently staying with their mother’s new boyfriend, Gordon (Thomas McCarthy) whose profession is a plastic surgeon. Jackson picked up his children and headed to Yellowstone.

Upon arrival, he found out that the previous spot he used camp with his wife while dating last time is now a restricted area. They climb over the fence and went to the lake anyway but were being surrounded by the Government military forces shortly. They were asked to leave the area as they are investigating the area (the lake dried up) and Jackson found something amiss. Upon leaving, he was being halted by Charlie Frost (Woody Harrelson) who is a radio show host who is kind of bonkers in a way explained to Jackson that the Mayan’s prediction of world ending is coming true.

The apocalypse begins! (I’m not elaborating in full details much as it will be hard to do so and it will spoil your fun watching the movie) From here on, the world is being hit by various disasters and the Earth’s coordinates has shifted (or spun) making the North Pole becoming South Pole. Earthquake, tsunami and volcano eruption taking place at various countries killing millions of people around the world.

The movie also shows all kind of human’s attitude ranging from humanitarian to those who are selfish and hungry for power. It also show a chaotic situation when the news broke out and everyone is trying to save themselves from the disaster. It’s quite touching and it shows the reality of the situation if it really would have taken place in real life.

Towards the end, a minority of humans manage to life on. They now reside at a new world in Africa and they are now heading to Good Hope as it now became the highest continent in the world. Anyway, the world now basically only has Africa as all the other parts of the world are being swallowed by the sea (no more 7 seas).

I highly recommend this movie but do not watch the midnight show as it is 3 hours long. I came out of the cinema at 4 a.m. =.= It’s exciting and the storyline is interesting as all sorts of factors are taken into consideration. Rich buying their seats, human with caliber are given a seat, animal are begin taken into consideration, loves affair, hunger for power, wrong judgment, humanitarian values and etc … I personally believe that this will happen someday in real life. Whether or not some one discovers it and even if they do, will we be informed? The world will be in chaos if let known but if they keep quiet about it, who will be saved?

We were warned! The world is coming to an end!

Drag Me To Hell (2009) November 1, 2009

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The movie begins back in 1969 with a family seeking help from a wealthy medium Shaun San Dena (Flor de Maria Chahua) at her mansion. The boy is very sick but the family kept the truth behind themselves and refuses to let the medium know anything about it. The family was later asked to tell the truth in order for her to help the boy. They explain that their son has stole a necklace from a gypsy but when they wanted to return the necklace, the gypsy refuses to accept it. Since then, their son has been hearing strange voices. Shaun San Dena informed that their son was cursed and ask them to enter the mansion to perform some rituals to save the boy. However, the parents and the medium were attacked by some unseen forces. The boy was later drag into hell in front of their very eyes by some demons.

Christine Brown (Alison Lohman) is a loan officer eyeing for a promotion on the vacant Assistant Manager position. Her Manager informed that the position is still vacant and she is one of the candidates under consideration as her decision making ability is not good enough. Apparently, her Stu Rubin (Reggie Lee) whom is new and is also under consideration.

Sylvia Ganush visited the Bank asking for a 3rd extension for the mortgage. Christine felt pity and approach her boss to asked for an extension but later decided that she has the ability to make decisions and she rejected the extension. Sylvia Ganesh then pleaded and beg her on her knees for an extension to no avail and she later grab her Christine legs and beg for mercy with a bit of force in it. Christine was intimidated and shouted for the security personnel to escort her out from the building. Sylvia was furious that the actions have shamed her despite her begging on her knees. (Don’t ask me why, I was like wtf when I saw this too …)

Christine had finished work and went to the car park to retrieve her car. At the car park, she felt something amiss as she saw Slyvia’s car at the car park too but the person was no where to be seen. She enters her car and wanted to drive home but she saw a flying handkerchief floating in the air which belongs to Slyvia. Suddenly she was shock to find Slyvia at the back seat of her car and Slyvia started attacking her. Christine was fighting for freedom and even rammed her onto cars and wall to fight to freedom. She manages to break free from the attack and lock herself in the car. However, Slyvia smashed the car window with a huge stone and they started fighting again. Slyvia then grab a button of her coat and muttered some strange words to it and Christine was in a dazed.

After reporting the incident to the police, her boyfriend Clay Dalton (Justin Long) came to pick her up and send her home. On the way to the car, they pass by a fortune teller store where she had her fortune read by Rham Jaas (Dileep Rao) after she manage to convince her boyfriend who agrees unwillingly. Halfway reading her fortunes, Rham scrambles away and ask her to leave and will refund her money. She asked what he sees and he explains that she is being haunted. 

After reaching home, Clay Dalton has to go out to settle some work. She wanted to cook dinner and the environment went eerie. Some unseen dark forces came attacking her causing some minor injuries. Later when Clay arrives home, the whole situation calm down and Clay believes that she is hallucinating from their earlier incident. Tomorrow morning, she was awakened by a bad dream that Slyvia is attacking her. She went to work shortly but upon arrival her nose bleed tremendously and spewed all over her boss and she fled the building.

Worried about the whole incident, she visited Slyvia’s resident. She was refuse entrance by Slyvia’s grand daughter but later was invited inside to look for her. She was shocked that she was dead. However, somehow the corpse kinda attack her. This causes her to panic and she visited Rham once again. Rham told her that the powerful dark spirit, Lamia, is out to torment her and later drag her to hell within 3 days. Rham later explains that she can negotiate with the dark spirit but she has to sacrifice animals in exchange for her spirit. Back home, she felt some dark auras coming and she unwillingly sacrifices her kitten. (she loves animal and is vegetarian) Clayton then brought her over to his parents place for dinner. She felt the whole situation was over. She was in the middle of conversation when she started hearing strange voices and her appetizer contains some insects. She later left the residence alone and Clayton’s parents were shocked of her behavior.

The following day, she was furious and visited Rham again. She was angry but Rham explained that the sacrificial was not accepted and there is one last way to solve it but it requires her to fork out USD 10, 000 as a fee. She went home and started gathering items to sell to the pawn shop. However, the collection was not enough but Clayton gave her the good news that he had visited Rham and paid him the money.

Rham later brought her to visit the medium Shaun San Dena, who explained that she had waited very long to get her revenge and seal the Lamia. She explains the whole ceremony where they will lure the Lamia out and force it into the goat where they will kill the goat and banish it forever. When the ceremony begins, they were other dark spirits too. It was later banished and the real Lamia appeared. They managed to force the Lamia into the goat but it escapes and went into Shaun San Dena’s assistant body. Shaun San Dena manages to save his assistant and force the Lamia from the place as the whole ceremony failed and Shaun San Dena losing her life as well.

Rham later explained that she can give the button away to someone who accepted it willing as a gift and the Lamia will haunt the other person and take their life in exchange. On the way home being driven by Clayton, she dropped the envelope with button inside. She later panicked and found the envelope. Later that night, she went to a cafe to figure out whom to give the envelope too. She was too kind hearted and she even called Stu Rubin but later hesitated to give it too him. Then she figures that she can give it back to Slyvia. She went to the graveyard and open out the coffin. It was raining and somehow Slyvia’s corpse seems to attack her and pull out some of her hair. She managed to fight back and stuff the envelope into the corpse’s mouth.

It’s finally over? Christine and Clay decided to go on a holiday to relax and recuperate but later the Lamia pull her to the train’s railway track and drag her to hell. It seems that she had given the wrong envelope and the envelope is with Clay.

We (Yen and I) felt that this is kinda like a low budget movie with lots of unrealistic and illogical scenes such as the incident at the car pack.  It might be a good way to end the movie and I wonder will there be a sequel to it. If there is one, I might not be watching it as the movie is not truly enjoyable at all but worth watching on your leisure time to cure your boredom.

Cloudy With A Chance of Meatballs (2009) October 21, 2009

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PhotobucketFlint Lockwood (Bill Hader) always wanted to become a scientist. Since young he had being creating lots of inventions. Of course, most of his inventions failed. His inventions are like spray on shoe which cannot be removed, ratbirds, walking TV and many more.

One day in school, he introduced his latest invention – the spray on shoe. Since kids were having problems with untie shoelaces, it was a radical invention. However, there is no way to remove it. He was being laughed at school and went home disappointed with the shoe stuck for life. His mother cheered him and asks him never to give up hope like all the famous scientists which he sticks on his walls. She later gave him a scientist coat, the one he always wanted!

Several years past in the town of Swallow Falls. His mother had past away. Flint Lockwood continue with his inventions and his dad runs a bait shop earning a living selling sardines. Soon, sardines were no longer in favor and the economy went real bad leaving sardines as the only food for the people.

The mayor wanted to reintroduce the town with a theme park known as Sardine Land. It was also at the same time that Flint came up with a new invention by using water to convert into any kind of food (the Flint Lockwood Diatonic Super Mutating Dynamic Food Replicator or FLDSMDFR for short). His first attempt failed due to the lack of electricity. Meanwhile, Sam Sparks (Anna Faris) was given the chance to be the weather intern for Swallow Falls with Manny, the cameraman. (Benjamin Bratt)

On the launching day of Sardine Land, Flint and his pet monkey named Steve (Neil Patrick Harris), who speaks through a translator (another of his invention) uses the power station to charge up the machine.  When it start up the machine, it flew everywhere at high speed causing maximum damage in the town before the machine shot up to the sky. It causes havoc in town and messes up Sam’s debut as a reporter (she fumbles anyway). Everyone in town was outrage and disappointed with the incident including his father.

Flint and Steve hid at the dock and he accidentally bump into Sam. They beginning exchanging conversation and later clouds of cheese burgers came falling down. His first ever invention was a success! Everyone begin to love his invention except for his dad. The next day, the town was raining all kinds of food for breakfast, lunch and dinner. The town people beginning to send request for food.  Flint and Sam also started dating. The machine is now unable to handle too much request as the danger meter shown 50%. The food molecule is starting to mutate and the food is now becoming larger.

The mayor came up with a new plan. He plans to reintroduce the town as a food theme park naming it Chewandswallow. People from all the around the world came for the launching. The mayor now bloated (obese) is enjoying the food and order a Vegas style buffet.  Flint tried to stop him but the mayor ended up destroying the laboratory. However, he went on with the launching of the theme park despite Sam trying to warned him about the weather storm approaching.

Soon a huge hurricane of spaghetti and meatballs came storming the town and everyone started vacating the island. Flint realizes he was a failure and hid among the junk. His dad gave him some words of encouragement and told him that only he can save the world. He regains his confidence and immediately went to the lab to derive a kill code. Driving his Flying Car with Wings, he set out to destroy his FLDSMDFR with Sam, Manny, Baby Brent [Andy Samberg] (the celebrity mascot for Sardine town) and his monkey, Steve. While approaching the FLDSMDFR, he lost the USB with contains the kill code. He called his dad for help to send him the kill code to his cell phone.

Later Flint, Sam and Baby Brent manage to venture into the FLDSMDFR. They were attacked by some human eating chickens and one of it ate Brent. Brent however fought back and later becomes one with the chicken and fought back to allow Flint and Sam to jam the control with the kill code. On the way there, Sam got injured by some peanut brittle and she is swelling up pretty bad due to allergic. Flint asked Brent to bring Sam back to the car for the allergic injections while he went to solve the matter alone.

He reached the control panel and stuck his cell phone in it. However, his dad sends him the wrong one. Instead of the kill code, his dad sends him the video of the kitten and ducklings singing “Fight the Power”. Still fighting and struggling with the control panel, he later uses his spray on shoe invention and spray on the machine. The machine swells up and later exploded.

The world is now safe and Flint is nowhere to be seen. Everyone thought he was dead but a flock of ratbirds save him and retrieve him back on ground. His father finally admits his proud feelings and love to his son through the monkey translator, and Flint and Sam finally kiss.

Flint and everyone else enjoy their new life in a food paradise, renamed Chewandswallow 2. Tim and Flint open up a new business that uses Flint’s spray on shoes spray to repair roofs, and the Mayor is arrested and jailed for his greedy behavior.

I believe the movie will be more enjoyable if it is in 3D. It has lots of humorous jokes but you have to catch the meaning of it. It’s kind of interesting as its story is kinda unique. Did you know that this story existed since I was born dating back to year 1978? Anyway, blogging this makes me hungry and I’m heading off to Chewandswallow, free food anyone?

District 9 (2009) October 17, 2009

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This is an interesting documentary style movie about aliens on Earth. 30 years ago, the aliens landed in Johannesburg, South Africa but did not launch any attacks nor did it appear on Earth. Humans were curious and for precautious reasons they decided to find out what is inside the alien spaceship. When they reached they spaceship, they found out that the aliens were refugees and were living like cannibals (I don’t know why these aliens have low IQ). These millions of prawn looking aliens were then shifted down from their aircraft to a military confined land named District 9, home to millions of aliens.

Multi-National United (MNU) were contracted to look after the aliens welfare. Wilkus van der Merwe (Sharlto Copley) was promoted to lead the operations of these aliens. Soon, the people of Africa complained that these aliens are using to much of the countries resources and is not contributing to the nation. MNU led by Wilkus decided to shift the aliens to new place location named District 10. However, he has to get the agreement of the aliens to relocate by trading cat food (don’t understand why aliens love cat food -.-) for their hand prints. It was then that Wilkus found a mysterious liquid which he confiscated along with weaponries from other aliens. He accidentally sprayed some of these liquid onto his face while experimenting it. He felt ill and was taken to the hospital for medication.

Back the at headquarters, the armies were experimenting on the high-tech weaponries which were confiscated but failed to used any of it as it requires aliens DNA to operate it. Meanwhile, Wilkus is slowing mutating into an alien where his left hand is fully transformed. Wilkus was then reprimanded and use for experiment purposes starting with the weapons. The scientists were amazed at the technologies as it could generate tremendous profits and decided to vivisect him before he fully transform into an alien. Wilkus was scared and panicked and overpowered the scientist and fled to District 9.

There is a group of Nigerian gang living in District 9. They have been actively trading weaponries with the aliens in exchange for cat food. Their leader soon found out about Wilkus conditions and was very interested to know how he transforms into an alien. A fight broke out and Wilkus manages to escape and he went to look for the alien were he confiscated the liquid previously (somehow this alien has a very high IQ). That Alien named Christopher (yes, unbelievably it has a name!) told Wilkus that the only way to cure him is to return to the mother ship. However, it cannot be done as it does not have the mysterious liquid. 

Wilkus still carries hope to change back into a human. Together with Christopher, they gathered some weaponries and attacked MNU’s headquarter to retrieve the liquid. They succeeded and it was also the time that Christopher learned that the humans are experimenting them (a sequel, maybe?). Having seen the experiments, Christopher told Wilkus that he will return to the mother ship and return with solution to save its kind and promise him that he will be cured in 3 years. Not willing to wait that long, he attacks Christopher to fly the ship on his own. While trying to flee to the mother ship, the spaceship was blasted by the MNU’s military slightly damaging it and crashed onto the ground.

The military is gaining on him and he has not much hope to flee the scene. It was then that he decided to help Christopher return to the mother ship while he will wait 3 years for his return to cure him. Badly wounded, Wilkus manages to help Christopher escape with the mother ship. The people of South Africa were rejoiced about the situation. 

At the end, Wilkus’s wife receives a hand made metal flower at her doorstep. She was curious but suspected it was from Wilkus. Wilkus now a fully mutated alien was seen in a garbage junk making hand made paper flowers before the movie ends.

This movie has a very unique storyline unlike any other alien movies out there. Have you seen any dumb alien movie before? No, right? The way the movie was made is also interesting and it contains lots of fighting / war actions as well. Well, this is it. I’m now waiting for the sequel to the movie to find out lots of things about this movie such why aliens are dumb! It’s not a scary movie and it’s extraordinary!

Monsters Vs. Alien (2009) June 8, 2009

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Photobucket I’ll start off ranting about the ticket pricing … an increase of RM 6 for a 3D version which is equivalent to 60% increase!! Well, I know our ticket pricing is still much lower compared to most countries such as Singapore, Thailand, Indonesia or Taiwan. Well, the pricing I paid was well worth it.

I suggest if you wanna watch this movie, go for the 3D version. The movie has a normal storyline and nothing to be amazed of. If you go for the 3D version, you will find that the images are quite realistic and will be slightly exciting. You will also get tiring eyes … haha.

The movie begins with Susan (Reese Witherspoon) getting married to Derek (Paul Rudd), a carrier minded news anchorman. Few minutes before the wedding, Susan got hit with a meteorite and absorbing a substance called quantonium. During the matrimony, Susan started glowing and then growing. She was immediately captured by the government secret service.

She was imprisoned along with other captured monsters which consist of a mad scientist cockroach, B.O.B., Insectisaurus and The Missing Link (fish-ape hybrid). Susan was given a monster named Ginormica. This was also when Gallaxhar, detects the quantonium on earth and launches an attack on earth.

When the Alien landed, The President of United States tried to make a first contact with the Alien but it fails and when on rampant destruction. The military tried destroying it but failed miserably. This was when General Monger, the person who ran the top secret monster prison facilities suggested to the President to use Monsters to fight off Aliens.

So the Monsters defeated the Alien. Monsters were granted freedom and still scaring off humans, who wouldn’t? Aliens launches and another attack, Susan got captured and Monsters when rescuing Susan and destroying Gallaxhar. It is a simple story plot.

The storyline is nothing interesting but the 3D version will thrill you a bit. It has some hilarious scenes and other than that this is the worst animated movie being released by Dreamworks Animation and Paramount Pictures. This is my opinion, well maybe you’ll disagree.

Dragonball Evolution (2009) April 28, 2009

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I’ve watched the movie a month ago but I didn’t have the time to write till now. However, the movie is so wrong and how can an American be Goku in the first place. Since growing up around Dragonball and being a fan of it, I thought why not give it a try. Total disapointment! So I’m not gonna write a review about it but this review is brought to you courtesy of wikipedia.org.

Two thousand years ago, the evil Namekian warlord Piccolo (James Marsters) descended upon the Earth during a solar eclipse and attempted to destroy the world with the aid of his disciple, Ozaru. A group of monks conjured the Mafuba — a powerful but life-threatening enchantment designed to bind those caught within it — and used it to imprison Piccolo. Ōzaru disappears, and the Earth gradually recovers. In the present day, Piccolo escapes his confinement and as another solar eclipse approaches, he begins searching for the legendary Dragonballs in order to make a wish to the magical dragon Shen Long.

On the night of his 18th birthday, a young high-school student and martial artist named Goku (Justin Chatwin), comes home from a party hosted by his crush Chi-Chi (Jamie Chung) to find his home obliterated and his beloved grandfather, Gohan (Randall Duk Kim), dying in the aftermath of Piccolo’s failed attempt to acquire the 4-Star Dragonball. Before he dies, Gohan tells Goku to seek out the martial arts master, Muten Roshi (Chow Yun-Fat). Along the way, Goku meets Bulma Briefs (Emmy Rossum) of the Capsule Corporation, which was studying the 5-Star Dragonball until it was stolen by Piccolo’s servant Mai (Eriko Tamura). Goku offers Bulma his services in exchange for her help in finding Roshi and they ultimately find him in Paozu City. Under Roshi’s wing, Goku begins training to harness his Ki while Bulma tries to pinpoint the location of the 6-Star Dragonball. In the midst of their search, they fall into a trap set by the desert bandit Yamcha (Joon Park) but Roshi convinces Yamcha to join them. Together, the group fight their way to the Dragonball only to be ambushed by Mai and lose the ball to her. As the group continues their quest, they travel to a temple where Roshi consults his former teacher Sifu Norris (Ernie Hudson) and begins training to perform the Mafuba enchantment so he can reseal Piccolo, while Goku must learn the most powerful of Ki techniques: the Kamehameha.

During the night, Mai – disguised as Chi-Chi – takes the 4-star Dragonball that Goku had received as a birthday gift from Gohan. Piccolo successfully unites the Dragonballs, but the group arrives in time to prevent him from summoning Shen Long. During the battle, Goku learns that he had been sent to Earth as an infant to destroy it when he came of age. As the solar eclipse begins, Goku transforms into Ōzaru. Roshi attempts to use the Mafuba, but is killed before Goku returns to his senses. Furious, Piccolo creates a gigantic Ki ball to destroy the planet. Goku performs the Kamehameha, and after a power struggle, Goku defeats Piccolo. He then uses the Dragonballs to request that Shen Long revive Roshi. As they celebrate, they realize the Dragonballs have now scattered. Bulma declares that they must seek the balls again. Before they head out, Goku visits Chi-Chi to engage in a sparring match.

In a post credits scene, a woman whom Piccolo spared earlier in the film tends to his wounds as he awakens.

Will I watch the sequel? I doubt so but will see about it then …