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Naruto SD: Rock Lee & His Ninja Pals [Episode 2] April 11, 2012

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Love is a Part of the Springtime of Youth! [Part 1]


Rock Lee accidentally slap Sakura when a bee stung his finger

Love is in the air. If you have been watching Naruto all this while you would have known that Rock Lee is admires Sakura. This episode talks about his love affair.

The episode begins with Rock Lee asking Sakura for a date with a flying kiss. Sakura turn down the offer. It left Rock Lee heart broken and consulted his team (Neji & Ten Ten) for advice. They told him to be cool. Rock Lee ran off happily planning for his confession to Sakura.

Meanwhile, Naruto drop by to advice Neji’s Team that a group of rogue ninja are spotted nearby and told them to be careful. So Neji and Ten Ten went separate ways to search for Rock Lee to inform him on the matter.

Rock Lee has come up with several cool gimmicks to confess his love and approach Sakura. However, there will always be something wrong somehow and it failed. It left Rock Lee very depressed. Ten Ten turned up to cheered him up but failed. (She was supposed to inform Rock Lee on the rogue ninjas but forgot about it) Neji finally found them and address the matter which leads to Rock Lee burning desire once again.

He senses that Sakura is in trouble and ran off immediately. Sakura was surrounded by the rogue and was outnumbered. Rock Lee became the hero but epically failed to win her heart for his actions once again. (Watch to find out why)


Love Makes Both Sides Crazy [Part 2]


Naruto and Rock Lee coming up with gimmicks to steal back the love letter

Rock Lee is still trying to win over Sakura’s heart. This time Ten Ten suggested a more subtle way by writing a love letter.

Rock Lee loves the idea and begins plotting his plan until he found out Sakura is very happy having someone else’s letter. Naruto was around the corner and found out that the same problem.

Both of them then join arms and plan to steal the love letter before Sakura gets to read it. They tried numerous ways and succeeded in the end. (I’m not going to elaborate much as it will not be interesting if you watch it later) Rock Lee and Naruto got the love letter and shred it into pieces only to find out later that the letters belongs to each other. Sakura came running over asking if they saw the love letters as she plans to read it later. It left both of them depressed and they join forces once again to come out it a single brand new love letter.