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2012 (2009) November 16, 2009

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2012 is one of the blockbuster movies of the year which you must watch! Raking in the most money one the first week since it open which surprising not anticipated by anyone or any other directors.  The 3 hours long movie is interested and full of actions and rarely has much space for filming errors.

Director Roland Emmerich who is famous for his world catastrophe movies (Independence Day & The Day After Tomorrow) is back with a new exciting idea full with actions with the clock ticking down on dooms day. His latest movie 2012 begins in the year 2009 when an American scientist, Adrian Helmsley (Chiwetel Ejiofor) travels to India to meet his friend Satnam (Jimi Mistry) who informed and showed him that the Earth’s core temperature is rapidly increasing at an alarming rate.

Adrian immediately flew back to Washington DC an interrupted a high profile charity function to informed Chief of Staff – Carl Anheuser (Oliver Platt) on the situation. Adrian immediately got promoted and they went to see the President of USA, Thomas Wilson (Danny Glover) of the situation.

The movie then fast forward to the year 2012. During the 36th G8 Summit meeting, the President informed the leaders of the summit of the situation and their preparation for the world ending. Billionaires are allowed a seat on the ark by paying a billion Euros for a seat to fund the project.

Meanwhile in another scene (yes, there is 2 scenes), Jackson Curtis (John Cusack) who is a writer who sold 400+ copies of his book and also a divorced father of 2 children; promised to bring his children for a camping trip at the Yellowstone National Park. His ex-wife Kate (Amanda Peet) and their children Noah who hated his father (Liam James) and Lily who loves his father (Morgan Lily) is currently staying with their mother’s new boyfriend, Gordon (Thomas McCarthy) whose profession is a plastic surgeon. Jackson picked up his children and headed to Yellowstone.

Upon arrival, he found out that the previous spot he used camp with his wife while dating last time is now a restricted area. They climb over the fence and went to the lake anyway but were being surrounded by the Government military forces shortly. They were asked to leave the area as they are investigating the area (the lake dried up) and Jackson found something amiss. Upon leaving, he was being halted by Charlie Frost (Woody Harrelson) who is a radio show host who is kind of bonkers in a way explained to Jackson that the Mayan’s prediction of world ending is coming true.

The apocalypse begins! (I’m not elaborating in full details much as it will be hard to do so and it will spoil your fun watching the movie) From here on, the world is being hit by various disasters and the Earth’s coordinates has shifted (or spun) making the North Pole becoming South Pole. Earthquake, tsunami and volcano eruption taking place at various countries killing millions of people around the world.

The movie also shows all kind of human’s attitude ranging from humanitarian to those who are selfish and hungry for power. It also show a chaotic situation when the news broke out and everyone is trying to save themselves from the disaster. It’s quite touching and it shows the reality of the situation if it really would have taken place in real life.

Towards the end, a minority of humans manage to life on. They now reside at a new world in Africa and they are now heading to Good Hope as it now became the highest continent in the world. Anyway, the world now basically only has Africa as all the other parts of the world are being swallowed by the sea (no more 7 seas).

I highly recommend this movie but do not watch the midnight show as it is 3 hours long. I came out of the cinema at 4 a.m. =.= It’s exciting and the storyline is interesting as all sorts of factors are taken into consideration. Rich buying their seats, human with caliber are given a seat, animal are begin taken into consideration, loves affair, hunger for power, wrong judgment, humanitarian values and etc … I personally believe that this will happen someday in real life. Whether or not some one discovers it and even if they do, will we be informed? The world will be in chaos if let known but if they keep quiet about it, who will be saved?

We were warned! The world is coming to an end!