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Naruto SD : Rock Lee & His Ninja Pals [Episode 1] April 4, 2012

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Naruto SD : Rock Lee & His Ninja Pals

This is a new anime featuring Rock Lee as the main character with his friends in chibi (cute) mode. As I read a few reviews about the movie, I have seen a lot of haters giving a lot of criticism for this anime because Naruto is not the main hero in it, especially when the Great War is about to start (Watch Naruto Shippuden). Love it or hate it, there is only one way to find out, watch it first!

Rock Lee is a Ninja Who Can’t Use Ninjutsu [Part 1]

Photobucket The movie starts with the introduction of Konoha, the village of the Hidden Leaf Ninja Clan. After the brief introduction, a girl is running away from thugs extorting her money. She trip and fell and got no way to run. Rock Lee who was on his routine training interfered the extortion and warned them to stop.

Rock Lee’s warning was ignored and he decided to solve the problem with his fist. As he was sprinting for the first hit, a dog was pooping in the road. Rock Lee who managed to avoid stepping on the poop, lost his balance flying towards the thug’s leader and pulled down his pants baring the under garments. The thugs ran away leaving the villagers cheering and laughing about the incident. As Rock Lee is about to wrap up his heroic status, up came Ten Ten (who was accompanied by Neji) smacking him with her fan. Ten Ten came yelling at Rock Lee for running away training alone and not acting as a team.

As they were about to leave, the girl pleaded for help once more explaining that the thugs are chasing for the debt loaned by his father in ten folds if not they will wreck their house. They accepted to help her and headed to her home. The little girl then found out that Rock Lee did not know and Ninjutsu and chased them out of the home. She was weeping as she felt cheated when someone bangs her door. She was furious thinking that Rock Lee is disturbing her again, only to find out that the thugs had come. Rock Lee appears once more and defeated the thugs with some weird moves (not related to the actual Naruto | Naruto Shippuden version).  As the little girl try to thank him with a hug, Rock Lee tripped for avoiding the poop and pull down her pants.

Rival Is Naruto [Part 2]

Photobucket Rock Lee asked Neji to come early for training only got disappointed that there is nothing new to learn. They were interrupted when Ten Ten came running over and told them that they were give a new mission. Their client is some rich old lady who wants to purchase a limited Baumkuchen cake where 50 units are produced every day.

When they arrive at the shop, there was only one ticket left – No 50. Rock Lee rushed there for the ticket only to find out that Naruto also wants the ticket. They both are on a mission for the same item. So they decided to settle it the old fashion way – A duel!

The duel was to race to the top of the mountain and be the first person to grab the ticket at the pinnacle of the tree branch will be the winner. Rock Lee had a head start but was countered by Naruto using is Ninjutsu. Rock Lee countered it by using his own methods similar to Naruto’s ninjutsu. However, Naruto had a last laugh and grab hold of the ticket. Rock Lee isn’t going to give up on the mission and dress up Neji and Ten Ten into characters and performed a small drama. The drama moved Naruto to tears and Naruto gave up the ticket to Rock Lee. Rock Lee and his team mates then headed to shop to complete the mission only to find out that the cakes had been sold out. Mission still failed anyway … hahahaha