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Drag Me To Hell (2009) November 1, 2009

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The movie begins back in 1969 with a family seeking help from a wealthy medium Shaun San Dena (Flor de Maria Chahua) at her mansion. The boy is very sick but the family kept the truth behind themselves and refuses to let the medium know anything about it. The family was later asked to tell the truth in order for her to help the boy. They explain that their son has stole a necklace from a gypsy but when they wanted to return the necklace, the gypsy refuses to accept it. Since then, their son has been hearing strange voices. Shaun San Dena informed that their son was cursed and ask them to enter the mansion to perform some rituals to save the boy. However, the parents and the medium were attacked by some unseen forces. The boy was later drag into hell in front of their very eyes by some demons.

Christine Brown (Alison Lohman) is a loan officer eyeing for a promotion on the vacant Assistant Manager position. Her Manager informed that the position is still vacant and she is one of the candidates under consideration as her decision making ability is not good enough. Apparently, her Stu Rubin (Reggie Lee) whom is new and is also under consideration.

Sylvia Ganush visited the Bank asking for a 3rd extension for the mortgage. Christine felt pity and approach her boss to asked for an extension but later decided that she has the ability to make decisions and she rejected the extension. Sylvia Ganesh then pleaded and beg her on her knees for an extension to no avail and she later grab her Christine legs and beg for mercy with a bit of force in it. Christine was intimidated and shouted for the security personnel to escort her out from the building. Sylvia was furious that the actions have shamed her despite her begging on her knees. (Don’t ask me why, I was like wtf when I saw this too …)

Christine had finished work and went to the car park to retrieve her car. At the car park, she felt something amiss as she saw Slyvia’s car at the car park too but the person was no where to be seen. She enters her car and wanted to drive home but she saw a flying handkerchief floating in the air which belongs to Slyvia. Suddenly she was shock to find Slyvia at the back seat of her car and Slyvia started attacking her. Christine was fighting for freedom and even rammed her onto cars and wall to fight to freedom. She manages to break free from the attack and lock herself in the car. However, Slyvia smashed the car window with a huge stone and they started fighting again. Slyvia then grab a button of her coat and muttered some strange words to it and Christine was in a dazed.

After reporting the incident to the police, her boyfriend Clay Dalton (Justin Long) came to pick her up and send her home. On the way to the car, they pass by a fortune teller store where she had her fortune read by Rham Jaas (Dileep Rao) after she manage to convince her boyfriend who agrees unwillingly. Halfway reading her fortunes, Rham scrambles away and ask her to leave and will refund her money. She asked what he sees and he explains that she is being haunted. 

After reaching home, Clay Dalton has to go out to settle some work. She wanted to cook dinner and the environment went eerie. Some unseen dark forces came attacking her causing some minor injuries. Later when Clay arrives home, the whole situation calm down and Clay believes that she is hallucinating from their earlier incident. Tomorrow morning, she was awakened by a bad dream that Slyvia is attacking her. She went to work shortly but upon arrival her nose bleed tremendously and spewed all over her boss and she fled the building.

Worried about the whole incident, she visited Slyvia’s resident. She was refuse entrance by Slyvia’s grand daughter but later was invited inside to look for her. She was shocked that she was dead. However, somehow the corpse kinda attack her. This causes her to panic and she visited Rham once again. Rham told her that the powerful dark spirit, Lamia, is out to torment her and later drag her to hell within 3 days. Rham later explains that she can negotiate with the dark spirit but she has to sacrifice animals in exchange for her spirit. Back home, she felt some dark auras coming and she unwillingly sacrifices her kitten. (she loves animal and is vegetarian) Clayton then brought her over to his parents place for dinner. She felt the whole situation was over. She was in the middle of conversation when she started hearing strange voices and her appetizer contains some insects. She later left the residence alone and Clayton’s parents were shocked of her behavior.

The following day, she was furious and visited Rham again. She was angry but Rham explained that the sacrificial was not accepted and there is one last way to solve it but it requires her to fork out USD 10, 000 as a fee. She went home and started gathering items to sell to the pawn shop. However, the collection was not enough but Clayton gave her the good news that he had visited Rham and paid him the money.

Rham later brought her to visit the medium Shaun San Dena, who explained that she had waited very long to get her revenge and seal the Lamia. She explains the whole ceremony where they will lure the Lamia out and force it into the goat where they will kill the goat and banish it forever. When the ceremony begins, they were other dark spirits too. It was later banished and the real Lamia appeared. They managed to force the Lamia into the goat but it escapes and went into Shaun San Dena’s assistant body. Shaun San Dena manages to save his assistant and force the Lamia from the place as the whole ceremony failed and Shaun San Dena losing her life as well.

Rham later explained that she can give the button away to someone who accepted it willing as a gift and the Lamia will haunt the other person and take their life in exchange. On the way home being driven by Clayton, she dropped the envelope with button inside. She later panicked and found the envelope. Later that night, she went to a cafe to figure out whom to give the envelope too. She was too kind hearted and she even called Stu Rubin but later hesitated to give it too him. Then she figures that she can give it back to Slyvia. She went to the graveyard and open out the coffin. It was raining and somehow Slyvia’s corpse seems to attack her and pull out some of her hair. She managed to fight back and stuff the envelope into the corpse’s mouth.

It’s finally over? Christine and Clay decided to go on a holiday to relax and recuperate but later the Lamia pull her to the train’s railway track and drag her to hell. It seems that she had given the wrong envelope and the envelope is with Clay.

We (Yen and I) felt that this is kinda like a low budget movie with lots of unrealistic and illogical scenes such as the incident at the car pack.  It might be a good way to end the movie and I wonder will there be a sequel to it. If there is one, I might not be watching it as the movie is not truly enjoyable at all but worth watching on your leisure time to cure your boredom.