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The Brass Teapot June 27, 2013

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 photo thebrassteapot_zps8bd6aa3a.jpgThis movie is about John (Michael Angarano) and Alice (Juno Temple) whom are married and living a struggling life. John used to be the nerd at school or the constant one being bullied which Alice used to be the hot chick. Life after school and marriage seems to make them the losers. John is a telemarketer while Alice tries to get herself a high pay job.

One day while traveling, their car got hit by another car. The police came and they soon found out that the road signs were being chop off which causes accident. Both are unhurt. Alice look across the street and saw an antique shop. It was an instinct that she needed to go over and get / buy something. She storm off to the shop and saw a elderly woman (who looks a witch doctor), carefully placing a brass teapot onto an antique table. She stole the teapot while the elderly woman was attending to a phone call and ran off with it.

The following day, Alice was up-keeping her hair while she talking on the phone. She accidentally hurt herself and found that there was a slight movement from the teapot. She inspected it and found several hundred of dollars in it. She try to hurt herself again and soon found out that the brass teapot generates monies if she hurt herself. When John came home and told Alice that he got fired, Alice assured him that money will not be a problem and show him the money that the magic teapot generates.

When John figures that there might be a curse (or something bad might happen to them), he tried to get rid of it by placing an auction advertisement on TV. They also made a pledge that when they made a million dollars they will get rid of the brass teapot. As they begin to live a posh life where they are not losers anymore, troubles came knocking on their door. Two men claimed to be the family of the elderly woman ransack their home and took their monies and left. Feeling something was terribly wrong, both of them went to the library to do some research on the teapot. This is when Alice found out there is a curse on the teapot and rip the page off the book and hid it away, assuring John nothing bad could happen.

While they are having a party at their place, Mr. Li Ling (Stephen Park) came knocking at their door. They told him they do not have the teapot with him. Several days later, John confronted Mr. Li Ling about the brass teapot and found out that the teapot will be disastrous to them and ask to be given over to him to hid it away from the world. Alice objected and they continued to inflict pain to make more money. This is when Arnie, their former school mate and land lord, (Billy Magnussen) found something amiss about their sudden richness and soon found out about the secret.

John and Alice finally agree to hand over the brass teapot over to Mr. Li Ling as the situation is getting out of hand. However, Arnie stole the brass teapot and started making money for himself. He nearly shoot both of them, which could easily make lot of money but the two mens came in and demanded for teapot. Arnie reluctantly resist to hand it over and guns where fired on both ends and ended with casualties. John and Alice recovered the teapot and hand it over to Mr. Li Ling who disposes it in the sea.

Overall the movie looks like Aladdin the lamp with a different twist to the story. Well it may seems to be unsuitable for kids, the movie looks like a budgeted production. The greed that ones seek after can be easily given up due to some karma. The ending was slightly poor and is kind of an average movie to me. I will give it a 2 stars out of 5 stars rating.