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The Brass Teapot June 27, 2013

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 photo thebrassteapot_zps8bd6aa3a.jpgThis movie is about John (Michael Angarano) and Alice (Juno Temple) whom are married and living a struggling life. John used to be the nerd at school or the constant one being bullied which Alice used to be the hot chick. Life after school and marriage seems to make them the losers. John is a telemarketer while Alice tries to get herself a high pay job.

One day while traveling, their car got hit by another car. The police came and they soon found out that the road signs were being chop off which causes accident. Both are unhurt. Alice look across the street and saw an antique shop. It was an instinct that she needed to go over and get / buy something. She storm off to the shop and saw a elderly woman (who looks a witch doctor), carefully placing a brass teapot onto an antique table. She stole the teapot while the elderly woman was attending to a phone call and ran off with it.

The following day, Alice was up-keeping her hair while she talking on the phone. She accidentally hurt herself and found that there was a slight movement from the teapot. She inspected it and found several hundred of dollars in it. She try to hurt herself again and soon found out that the brass teapot generates monies if she hurt herself. When John came home and told Alice that he got fired, Alice assured him that money will not be a problem and show him the money that the magic teapot generates.

When John figures that there might be a curse (or something bad might happen to them), he tried to get rid of it by placing an auction advertisement on TV. They also made a pledge that when they made a million dollars they will get rid of the brass teapot. As they begin to live a posh life where they are not losers anymore, troubles came knocking on their door. Two men claimed to be the family of the elderly woman ransack their home and took their monies and left. Feeling something was terribly wrong, both of them went to the library to do some research on the teapot. This is when Alice found out there is a curse on the teapot and rip the page off the book and hid it away, assuring John nothing bad could happen.

While they are having a party at their place, Mr. Li Ling (Stephen Park) came knocking at their door. They told him they do not have the teapot with him. Several days later, John confronted Mr. Li Ling about the brass teapot and found out that the teapot will be disastrous to them and ask to be given over to him to hid it away from the world. Alice objected and they continued to inflict pain to make more money. This is when Arnie, their former school mate and land lord, (Billy Magnussen) found something amiss about their sudden richness and soon found out about the secret.

John and Alice finally agree to hand over the brass teapot over to Mr. Li Ling as the situation is getting out of hand. However, Arnie stole the brass teapot and started making money for himself. He nearly shoot both of them, which could easily make lot of money but the two mens came in and demanded for teapot. Arnie reluctantly resist to hand it over and guns where fired on both ends and ended with casualties. John and Alice recovered the teapot and hand it over to Mr. Li Ling who disposes it in the sea.

Overall the movie looks like Aladdin the lamp with a different twist to the story. Well it may seems to be unsuitable for kids, the movie looks like a budgeted production. The greed that ones seek after can be easily given up due to some karma. The ending was slightly poor and is kind of an average movie to me. I will give it a 2 stars out of 5 stars rating.


Marmaduke [2010] September 12, 2010

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Photobucket Marmaduke (voice over by Owen Wilson) is a Great Dane owned by the Wilson family. Phil (Lee Pace) was given an opportunity by his employer to move over to Orange County where his family can live in a bigger house with swimming pool, owns a company car and much more benefits. His wife agrees but his children and pets dislike the decision.

Marmaduke is a typical Great Dane which understands his family in and outs but causes trouble everywhere. Phil is a workaholic trying to give his all to his family. At the new location, he brings Marmaduke to the dog park to meet his boss, Don Twombly (William H. Macy) to discuss about an ad campaign to win over the competitor and getting their product into every pet store.

At the park, Marmaduke made some new friends and enemies. Marmaduke saw a beautiful dog named Jezebel (voiced over by Fergie) whose boyfriend; Bosco (voiced over by Kiefer Sutherland) ruled the park. Bosco gave Marmaduke a warning and asked him to stay away from them and their sacred place.

Marmaduke then met Mazie (voiced over by Emma Stone) and gang – Giuseppe, a Chinese crested dog (voiced over by Christopher Mintz-Plasse) and Raisin the Dachshund (voiced over by Steve Coogan). Mazie invited Marmaduke to her party but Marmaduke destroyed the old juke box. He then suggested that they should crash Bosco’s party. On their way there, they cross path with Chupadogra (voiced over by Sam Elliott), who is feared for killing its owner.

The next day, Marmaduke asked Mazie to groom him into a top dog so that he can have a girlfriend. Mazie even gave her favorite toy to Marmaduke for the grooming session misunderstood that Marmaduke was actually falling for her. The next day, Marmaduke asked Carlos (a cat voiced over by George Lopez) to drop in at the park. Marmaduke pretended to be the mighty ferocious dog taking up a cat and hurting Carlos in the end.

While on the way to work, Phil thought up an idea for the ad campaign with some unintentional help from Marmaduke. He suggested to his boss who didn’t bought the idea and Phil asked him to believe in him. They went on with the plan and launch the dog surfing competition. The competition was between Bosco and Marmaduke. Marmaduke is afraid of water and when he saw he huge wave coming in, he bump Bosco out of the surfing board. Marmaduke then struggles to stay afloat from the water but appear to be surfing the waves from the audience point of view. He even performed a stunt towards the end before plunging into the sea. Marmaduke won the competition. Bosco was irritated about it and chase Marmaduke. Marmaduke wants to avoid a fight and ran all over the stage ruining the whole event which supposedly a successful event.

The next day at the dog park, Marmaduke was the new leader of the park. He was so happy that he has got Jezebel as his girlfriend and told off Mazie and the gang. Marmaduke even brought Jezebel on Mazie’s dream date. Marmaduke then organize a party at his house while the Winslow family is going on a work cum holiday at the boat as Phil was given a second chance by the organizers. Bosco crashes the party and discovers Carlos. Bosco unveil the whole act and everyone left the party. Marmaduke was left with no friends and a damaged house.

When the Winslow family returns home from the holiday, they were shock at their damaged house. Phil was so angry that he sent Marmaduke to sleep outside in the yard. Marmaduke was drenched in the rain and decided to run away from home. He took the toy that Mazie gave him and went to her house to return it. Marmaduke ran and stumble across a shelter which Chupadogra resides. He later learned the real truth about Chupadogra (also named Buster) and thanked him for his advice and return home. Marmaduke was lost on the way home.

Mazie wasn’t ready to forgive and took the toy back to his house. Upon reaching, Carlos told him that he is not home and found out that he had run away. She gathered the gang to search for him but failed.

The next morning, Phil woke up and found out that his kids are unhappy all along with some help from Marmaduke’s hints. He was so focus on the job that he had ignored his family. The Winslow later found out Marmaduke had ran away and drove around town to search for him.

Marmaduke ran and ran and later saw Mazie across the street. Both of them cross eyes and ran towards each other. Phil who was fired for not attending an important meeting to search for Marmaduke also saw Marmaduke in the traffic jam and chase after him on foot. When Marmaduke was about to reach Mazie, the ground below collapse and Mazie fell inside. The strong raging water flushed Mazie away. Marmaduke jump in to save her leaving Phil in dismay.

The firemen told Phil that they are conducting a rescue plan. The firemen somehow manage to save Mazie but lost Marmaduke to strong waves of raging waters. Phil was sad and did not give up hope. He ran towards the river and saw Marmaduke struggling in it. He jump into the water to rescue his dog but was also struggling to hold on due to the strong rushing water. He later persuaded Marmaduke to come over to him and succeeded and later was rescued by the fire department to safety.

The entire incident was recorded by some kids and uploaded on Youtube. The whole incident was so famous that it already has 700, 000 hits. Phil was reinstated but hesitated for a moment. He wanted to move back to Kansas but his family suggested otherwise. He and Don later came out with a fantastic ad after securing a huge deal with Petco.


I think you can find strips of Marmaduke comics back in the old Malay Mail comic section

Marmaduke later told Bosco off at the park and declare that everyone can share a piece of the so called sacred place. Marmaduke was worried about Jezebel was in love with him but she told him that she wanted time to be alone and asked him to go after Mazie. Marmaduke and Mazie began a couple and begin dating.

This movie is very relaxing and family oriented movie. Suitable for kids and adults with the numerous cats and dogs involved. It also has a beautiful storyline with some moral values in it. Did you know Marmaduke originated from comic strips?

P.s. Is the review a bit complicated? I find my review slightly complicated and messy. Maybe today I have wrote too many articles already. I need to rest … 3 PSP articles and 1 movie review.

Please give me your comments about my review if you had watched the movie. Thanks.

The Back-Up Plan [2010] August 17, 2010

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PhotobucketZoe (Jennifer Lopez) a pet store owner was consulting her best friend Mona, about getting a baby. She still insisting of starting a family despite discouragement from her friend. She bought semen and got inseminated at the hospital.

She was so happy after whole process that she went in the rain to get a cab. She got in the cab at the same time as Stan did. They argued about it and she did not want to get spoiled her happy moment that she got out of the cab. Stan (Alex O’Loughlin) felt guilty about it and got out as well and the cab drove away. They both took the train and went separate ways later after she flip a penny on the road which she believes that if it is heads up it will bring good luck. Stan took the heads up coin and went moved on.

The next day, Zoe and Mona went to the market to get some muffins. Zoe saw a familiar face at a Cheese stall which belongs to Stan and he later came over to say hi. They talked for a little while and Zoe left the market. At night during a pet seminar at her pet shop, Stan suddenly walked in and started a conversation with Zoe. They created a commotion and left the place to grab a bite.

Stan invited Zoe for a dinner one day at a beautiful garden. As Stan was in for a kiss, he accidentally spilled the red wine all over Zoe and later the table caught fire.  Zoe put up the fire with the garden hoe and later they were playing with the water like small kids. Stan told Zoe that he owes her a dress and invited her over to his farm next week.

Zoe found out she was pregnant but was in love with Stan. She decided to spill the news to him when she visits him at the farm. Upon reaching the farm, she rammed her car into the tree when she keeps staring at Stan’s semi-naked body working at the farm. Zoe was about to break the news but she was stopped by Stan who brought her to his cheese farm. They later make love inside the farm and after an exciting affair; Zoe told him that she was pregnant. Stan was surprised about it and walked away confused.

Zoe left the next morning and believing that the relationship will not work out. However, Stan wants to be with Zoe as he stills loves. Stan patch things up with Zoe and attended a medical checkup with Zoe. Stan later was stunned once again when the doctor told them that she has twins. Stan was unable to digest the news and went to the park where he was thought to be a pervert. He later made friends with the guy and learn about family life with kids. It’s like an awful, awful, awful feeling and then this magical moment appears, he said.

Stan beginning to accept the whole situation and soon later he found out that it takes a lot of money to raise a kid and she is having two. He has sleepless night thinking about the whole situation but was assured by Zoe that things will work out fine as she has some savings. Stan beginning to accept his role and order a custom made stroller for twins.

However their relationship goes rocky as they have several misunderstanding and one day Stan told a friend that he is fathering twins which are not his. Zoe got upset about the statement and they broke off.

Nana (Linda Lavin), her grandmother, drop by Zoe’s house to announce that she is finally getting married to Arthur. Zoe told Nana that she and Stan have gone separate ways and as they were about to leave the house, the custom made stroller arrived. It was then that Zoe realized that Stan was never leaving them and stuck through thick and thin with her.

Zoe was desperate to make amends with Stan. She kept calling Stan during Nana’s wedding and was looking for an opportunity to sneak away to look for Stan. As she wanted to run away, she got caught into a dance which later her water broke and was going to deliver.

Zoe was rush to the hospital but they made a pit stop at market to look for Stan in the wedding car. Zoe apologized to him and they went to the hospital together for the delivery. In the operating theatre, Stan showed her the lucky coin that he had picked up since he met her and told her that he fell in love the day he met her. Stan also made her promise that she should learn to trust him more.

They were together once again. Stan opened a Cheese shop next to Zoe’s pet store. At the opening ceremony, he proposed to Zoe and she agreed. On their way back home with their twins, they found out that another surprise stood waiting for them as Zoe puke when she reach the doorstep.

Leap Year [2010] July 6, 2010

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Photobucket Jeremy (Adam Scott) will be attending a conference and asked Anna (Amy Adams) for dinner with a surprise. Anna told him that she will be meeting her dad and later meet him up for dinner. Anna was shopping and her friend came running giving her the big news. She told Anna that she saw Jeremy coming out of DePrisco’s (famous jewellery store) with an engagement ring.

Anna met her father at the pub and he overheard that she will be getting engaged after 4 years of dating. His dad started the Irish myth story (about girl proposing for marriage on a leap year on February 29th) and she left afterwards for dinner with Jeremy. Jeremy gave her a lil red box which contains ear rings and she was lost and stunned. Jeremy left the dinner halfway to attend some emergency.

Anna stayed up the whole night thinking and she made a research on the internet about the Irish tradition and she decided to follow the myth and proposed to her boyfriend. She was on a plane flying to Dublin for the proposal on February 29th. There was a terrible storm during the journey and the Dublin Airport is closed, diverting to Cardiff, Wales.

Upon reaching Cardiff, she checks for the first flight out of Wales to Dublin but all flights were cancelled. She then decided to take a ferry but all were cancelled too because of the terrible weather. She somehow managed to charter a boat to Cork but due to the heavy storm, she was forced to dock off at Dingle. She stayed at a pub cum hotel for the night where she wanted to charge her Blackberry instead she blackout the whole town and vandalized the whole room in a clumsily way.

Declan (Mathew Goode), the pub owner, was seriously in bad debt and need some urgent money so he decided to drive her to Dublin for some money. During the drive to Dublin, they have a quarrel over the Irish tradition and Anna threw Declan’s music cassette out of the car. Declan was furious, stop the car and went to retrieve it. After retrieving it, the road was block by a herd of cows. Anna shooed the cows aside and she accidentally bumped the car down the hill when she wanted to clean her branded shoes in poo. The car charges downhill and landed in the river.

Declan retrieves her belongings from the car. Anna started walking looking for the next transport to Dublin while Declan suggested they should find tow truck and they can continue their journey. A van passed by and Anna ignored Declan’s advice and got her luggage stolen. Anna was furious and they continue walking until they reach a restaurant. Anna found the rascals who stole her luggage and Declan help her retrieve it.

They continue their journey to Dublin and stop at a railway station. The next train is due in 2 and half hours. Declan suggested a detour to a castle but she decline until the dog frightens her. Anna was having a good time learning about the history of the castle and totally forgotten about the time. The train whistles and they rushed downhill. She trip, fell, rolled downhill and landed in a pool of mud missing the train as well.

Anna started crying and Mark, the railway station officer, offered them to stay over at his place. Mark thought they were a married couple and they played along. They cooked dinner and even did a French kiss after being insisted by Mark. The next day, Anna was told that the transportation do not travel on Sunday. She asked Mark to drive her to Dublin but Mark told her that his wife drove to Dublin earlier to attend a church mass and to get the groceries.

They continue the journey on foot to Dublin. It started raining hailstones (pebbles) and they crashed a church wedding. They were invited to join the wedding where the pastor later offered to take them to the bus stop. Anna clumsily spoiled the whole wedding. She got drunk and Declan took care of her. The next morning, Anna woke up early and went to get some coffee. Declan thought she left without him and got a little upset. They boarded the next bus and headed to Dublin in the end.

Declan finally sent Anna to Jeremy’s office. Anna decided to pay Declan but he rejected and asked for one ‘Bob’. Jeremy was then introduced to Declan and later down on one knee to propose to Anna. Anna said ‘YES’ and accepted his proposal. They flew back to Boston and threw a party at the apartment. Anna found out later that the reason why Jeremy proposes to her and there were no sincerity and love in it but he was killing two birds with one stone over some lousy deal. Anna realizes that the feel was not right and she sounded the fire alarm. She found out that Jeremy were more concern about hand phones, lap top and others instead of her during the fire alarm.

Anna storm off and flew to Dingle to find Declan. She complains about a chicken pie to get Declan out from the kitchen. Anna proposes to Declan in a funny way but Declan went away without a reply. She thought she was rejected and ran away to the cliffs. Declan went after her and proposed to her on bended knees. They got married and went on a honeymoon in Declan’s Renault 4.

This is really a funny comedy about an Irish tradition proposal. If you are used to American English, you might not get the European joke and vice versa. It is a mixed of English language of two different continents and sometimes you will not get the jokes but it’s still a good movie to watch. It was filmed at some very nice locations with beautiful sceneries and a good storyline. The only setback is that there are some lame senior citizens with their lame jokes which are not funny at all. Enjoy the movie ‘Bob’ and answer me this riddle – What would you do if your house is on fire and you have 60 seconds. What would you retrieve?

You ‘aorta’ watch this movie to get what I mean, Bob!

Credits :  Thanks to Shereen Tan for her comments and suggestions to improvise the article.

How To Train Your Dragon (2010) July 4, 2010

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Photobucket In the land of Berk, it’s 12 days North of hopeless and a few degrees South of freezing to death. It’s located solidly on the Meridian of Misery. It’s been around for 7 years but every single building is new. The only problems are the pests! We have mice or mosquitoes but they have DRAGONS!

In this little Viking town lived a boy name Hiccup Horrendous Haddock III [Jay Baruchel]. His parents believe that a hideous name will frighten off Gnomes and Trolls. Hiccup is unlike any other Vikings who supposedly born to fight with muscular bodies and all. He always causes problems for his father Stoick the Vast [Gerard Butler], Chief of the tribe. As whenever the dragons attack the town, he will be running outside instead of hiding. He helps at Gobber’s [Craig Ferguson] Armoury where they supplies weapons and shields for the Vikings.

Late in the raid, Gobber the Belch asked him to look after the Armoury while he runs off to slay some dragons. Hiccup took the opportunity to prove his capability to become a true Viking dragon slayer by rushing off with on his inventions. He fired a shot in the dark and somehow managed to capture what is rumoured to be the Night Fury (the dragon which all Vikings feared and had no data about it). No one believed him and laugh about it. He sets off to search for the dragon and found it. He took out a knife to stab it but he couldn’t do it. The dream to be a dragon slayer was gone as he freed the most feared dragon instead of killing it which could make him a hero.

Gobber talked to Stoick, his father and also the chief of the tribe. He advised that maybe he should give him a chance to try out as a Viking as he may be a late bloomer. Stoick thought about it and had a talk with his son later before he sets of the next day to finish off the war with the dragon by attempting to raid their nest. Stoick informed Hiccup that he enrolled him in a Dragon training school. He barely survived the first day and later the students were asked to read a manual about dragons.

Hiccups read the whole book and was found no data about the Night Fury and all the dragons are dangerous and to be kill on sight! He was puzzled why it didn’t kill him and went back to the forest to look for it. He found the dragon struggling to fly and befriended it. Hiccup also named him Toothless and created an artificial flying fin for Toothless. They practice every day and Hiccups learned a lot about Dragons while helping Toothless to regain his flying ability using the artificial fin.

Hiccups excelled in the Dragon school so much that everyone is stunned about it. He was supposedly the laughing stock and the weakling in the village but somehow turn out to be best among all. A girl name Astrid Hofferson [America Ferrera] became suspicious and sneak after Hiccup as he went to visit Toothless. Toothless attacked her thinking that she was an enemy but was stopped by Hiccup. They later took her for a ride and got caught in a herd of dragons delivering food to the nest. They learnt that the dragons raided their village to supply food to a gigantic dragon – The Red Death or they will be eaten by it. They return to the village and Hiccup asked her to keep everything a secret.

During the graduation day, Hiccup was supposed to kill a dragon and become real Viking. He chooses otherwise. He threw down the weapons and becoming taming the dragon proving that they are not what it seems to be. It upset his dad and his dad ordered to stop the event. His rage agitated the dragon and it went ballistic. Toothless came to his rescue and got caught by the Vikings later. Stoick the Vast found out that he had been to the nest and gather all Vikings to slay The Red Death using Toothless as the navigator. He even disowned his son because of the shameful incident.

Hiccup and his fellow students then set out on the journey to save Toothless and the villagers. Hiccup taught them to tame and befriend the dragons and later they were flying on one. They set off and reached just in time. The Viking armies had already woken up The Red Death and they are in a losing battle. The junior Vikings joined in the fight distracting The Red Death while Hiccup went to save Toothless. After an exciting aerial battle, Hiccup figured out how to kill it. His plan worked but it knocked them apart. Toothless rushed to save him and they landed on the ground in a big explosion. Everyone was happy that The Red Death is dead but was in grieved mood as Hiccup is nowhere to be found. He was assumed dead. Toothless later revealed that he is saved under his wings. Everyone rejoice!

Hiccup woke up the next day and was surprised to be at home. He even panicked as Toothless is inside the house. He woke up and found that his left leg is being replaced with a prosthetic one. He had lost his leg during his battle with The Red Death. Toothless helped him walked towards the door and Hiccup is amazed that the Vikings are now working together with the Dragons rebuilding their village.

This is Berk. It snows nine months of the year and hails the other three. Any food that grows here is tough and tasteless. The people that grow here are even more so. The only upsides are the pets! While other places have ponies or parrots … they have DRAGONS!! Awww .. I want one too.

The Hangover (2009) March 2, 2010

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PhotobucketThis is a hilarious comedy about 4 guys who overdone it at a bachelor party. Doug (Justin Bartha) is about to marry Tracy (Sasha Barrase). Doug’s buddies – Phil (Bradley Cooper), Stu (Ed Helms) and his soon-to-be brother-in-law (Zach Galifianakis) embark on a bachelor party at Vegas. They booked a villa at Caesars Palace Hotel and Casino and sneak off to the rooftop for a toast, what they did not realized is that the drink was spiked with drugs which was supposedly make them high.

They woke up the next morning not remembering anything but the villa was in a total mess. They also found out that Doug (soon to be groom) was missing and they have to attend their wedding the following day. They started panicking and trying to recall everything that had happened the night by picking up clues from the messy villa.

Note : I will not elaborate much of the events as it will take away much of the fun from the movie. You have to watch the movie to find out and enjoyed it. I will give a bit of hints but you have to watch the movie to know how it happens. There was a tiger in the bathroom, a baby in the closet, Stu had a missing tooth, Phil ended up in the hospital and much more.

They soon got everything together and had to rush to the wedding. They had they tuxedos delivered to them at the highway and they even changed by the roadside. They manage to attend the wedding and the wedding did go on. They soon discovered that they had taken some photos on the bachelor party after the wedding and they swore that they will delete it after watching it. Those photos are one wild crazy party!

Note : The movie contains lots of vulgarity and some nudity scenes. It is not suitable for children viewing!

Alvin and The Chipmunks II (2009) December 28, 2009

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Alvin & The Chipmunks are performing for charity in Paris but the ignorance Alvin who fails to listen to Dave’s advice got in trouble again. Dave Seville got sent flying in the air before entangling himself with the concert’s electrical wire and etc and ended up in the hospital. Dave was lucky to survive and asked Aunt Jackie a.k.a Popcorn Aunt Jackie (Theodore call’s her that) to look after them back home.

At the airport, they were greeted by Aunt Jackie and Toby who was busy pyu-pyu-pyuing with his console. As Toby was retrieving The Chipmunk’s luggages, he accidentally bumps Aunt Jackie’s wheelchair and it went tumbling down the stairs. Aunt Jackie was sent to the hospital as well and Toby is now the new caretaker of The Chipmunks.

The phrase “Home Sweet Home” will normally make everyone happy but not for The Chipmunks as they found out that Dave have enrolled them in high school. Toby who was a gopher in school sent them to school and hurried away assuring them that school will be fun. Alvin, Simon and Theodore introduces themselves to the class and all girls rushes over to them and left the boys aside. This got the school bullies mad and they plan to get rid of them during free period. It was working perfectly well for the bullies until they made fun of Theodore. This made Alvin and Simon furious and attack them.

The Chipmunks was summoned to the Principal office to be penalised. She will forgive them if they represent the school at the school concert which offers $25, 000 prize money. The money won will be used to save the school’s music program. She also confesses that she is a fan and attended their concert and all. The Chipmunks agreed to participate to help save the school’s music program.

Ian Hawke now resides at the basement of Jet Records stumble upon 3 female chipmunks named Britanny, Jeanette and Elaonor, whom fell and escape through a FedEx bag. They confronted Ian to make them into superstars and sang “Put Your Record On” to make Ian adopt them. Ian saw another golden opportunity and took them in and told them to stay away from Alvin & The Chipmunks.

Ian later found out that Alvin & The Chipmunks were participating in the school concert and later enrolled his Chipettes (Brittany, Jeanette and Elaonor are known as The Chipettes) in school. While Alvin and The Chipmunks were rehearshing in school, Ian interrupted the practice and introduces his Chipettes and later make the Principal to see their audition. He also asks to be given a fair chance for his Chipettes to be considered representing the school but was rejected by the Principal. Ian gathered support from the supporters and this gave the Principal no choice but to choose a winner when they battle it out on Friday. The team which gathers the most votes will represent the school.

Meanwhile, Alvin is now hanging out with the bullies and is part of the school’s football team. He has also ignore his brothers and frequently misses practice and their house chores. This made Simon often quarrel with Alvin. Theodore started spacing out and felt that his family is breaking apart. Alvin also misses the showdown between The Chipmunks and The Chipettes were Ian also recorded the performance and uploaded it on Youtube. This had force the Principal to select The Chipettes to represent the school and instead of The Chipmunks as Simon and Theodore informed of their withdrawal from the competition. Theodore says you can’t 2 little pigs or 2 musketeers, therefore you can’t have 2 chipmunks as well … so sad.

Alvin who rushes to the audition at night after over celebrating with the football team found the hall to be empty. Britanny walked over and told him off about his selfishness and foolishness. Alvin realized his mistakes and went home to apologize but both Simon and Theodore pretended to be asleep.

The next morning, Theodore ran away leaving a note with a hint that he will be at the zoo.  Theodore who adores meerkats was searching for a meerkats cage at the zoo. He did not read properly and entered the cage an Eagle where the Meerkats were relocated. Alvina and Simon came to rescue him to safety with Toby watching behind (he is to gigantic to squeeze into the cage). Alvin apologizes to Simon and they were great buddies again – “One For All and Three for One” (quoted by Theodore again)

Toby went to the school concert with Alvin & The Chipmunks. Alvin received a phone call from Britanny to represent them at the school concert. She also informed that they were captured and lock in a cage for because she refuses to perform and leave her sisters aside. Ian is bringing them to Staples Center and theywill perform the opening act for Britney Spears. Alvin went to the rescue with an electrical motorcycle while Simon taught Jeanette how  to pick a lock. The Chipettes escapes when Ian was busy enjoying his champagne and ran away with Alvin. Ian then when on pursuit to recapture them with an electrical helicopter. The plan backfired and Alvin & The Chipettes ended up on the helicopter with the remote while Ian got floored by Digger (The Chipmunk’s cousin made a cameo appearance) with the motorcycle running into his groin.

The concert was about to be decided with The Chipettes forfeitting their qualification but they show up at the last minute. Alvin and the Chipmunks performed together with The Chipettes singing “We are Family” and won the concert. Alvin then asked Dave to adopt The Chipettes and they now stay together under one roof. Before the movie ends, Alvin got into trouble again. This time around for refusing to sleep and Dave steps on his skateboard and send tumbling again screaming ALLLLLLLVVVIIIIIIIINNNNNNNN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Compared to the  previous movie, the squeakquel has gotten a lot of bad critics. As for me, it is still enjoyable as the chipmunks remains cute, adorable and hilarious. The downside is that there is less singing in the squeakquel but more storyline. Actually, it all depends on your expectations. The more you expect from it, the more dejected you will be. On the other hand, if you are watching for fun, I’m sure that you will be entertained!


Coach Carter (2005) December 11, 2009

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Ken Carter (Samuel L. Jackson) went to Richmond High School for the high school basketball match. He attended the match to watch his son, Damian Carter play against his school where he graduated as a legend but Damian did not play at all as he is a freshman. Halfway through the match, there was little commotion and the match was called off to avoid a fight. Later, Ken Carter went to meet the coach of Richmond High School. He was offered to coach the basketball team of Richmond High School.

He conducted his first training session with a briefing. He believes in respects and morale values and insists everyone abides by it. He also gave them contracts to fulfill if they want to play basketball for the team. The contracts states that the players requires a 2.3 Grade Point Average, attending all class and sit in the first row and wearing formal attire on game nights. Many players rejected it and walk out of the team. The rest of the team then continues training the basics by running suicides. As they train, he continues to explain his rules and regulations.  He even invited the player’s parents to brief them on the contracts which were rejected by the parents.

Back home, his son made his dad sign a contract and informed him that he has switched schools and Richmond High School is expecting him the next day. His dad was angry but he told him that he is old enough to make his own decisions which his dad duly agrees. Next day, he reported to Richmond High School and was late for basketball practice. He was punished as Ken Carter is not bias to anyone.

Ken Carter then teaches them some game strategy using women names. Diane is use for man to man defense and Delilah is use for trap offense. After learning the new tricks, they were playing their first game of the season which they won by point in the last second against an exhausted team.

The next day, he continues drilling the players with fundamentals. Timo Cruz who walk out of the team came back to rejoin the team. Ken Carter told him in order to rejoin the team , he owes the team 2, 500 push ups and 1,000 suicides. Timo walk to the side line and started paying his dues while Ken Carter starts teaching them about Linda. Linda is an offense strategy which leads to pick and rolls. Days past and Timo came short of 80 push ups and 500 suicides. He was asked to leave the gym and quit the team. The team then chips in to share the burden so that he can play in the team.

Richmond High School continues winning games with a record 19-0 a record where last year the Richmond Oilers only won 4 games the whole season. Ken Carter found out that his players does not attend classes and suspended his star player until his grades improves. His mother came to look for Ken Carter to plea so that his son can rejoin the team.

The impressive winning streak continues and they were invited to participate in the Bayhill Tournament Championship. Richmond Oilers won the tournament with a last second hook by winning a point. At night, Ken Carter was celebrating with his wife and she wanted to talk to her MVP son. Ken Carter went over to look for Damian but he found out the whole team weren’t there. He soon learned that his team was partying at someone’s house and he sends the whole team on the bus back to Richmond High School.

Ken Carter then obtained the player’s poor grades. He locks out the gym and it will remain locked until grades improve. Time passes and the gym continue remain locked and basketball games are forfeited. The team was forced to study in the library during training period.

Ken Carter explained to the team that Richmond High graduates 50% of its students and out of that, 6% goes to college which means 1 student in every classroom is going to college.  As for young African Americans who do not go to college, they would probably end up in prison. In the county 33% of black males between 18 and 24 years get arrested. While growing in Richmond, there are 80% chances ending up in prison. He asked them to mirror themselves and see what they project themselves in the future.

There was a sports board hearing where teachers, parents and players to discuss the vote on the lockout. The hearing resulted in the ending the lockout. Ken Carter went back to the gym to retrieve his belonging as he resigns as a coach. To his surprise, he found the players studying in the gym instead of playing ball. He reconsidered his decision.

The lockout ended as the grades improves. Richmond Oilers continue back their winning ways and qualified for the playoff. However, they lost in the playoff in a last minute play losing 68-67. The season ends for Richmond Oilers but the players ended up as winners. They won 5 scholarships and 6 went to college.

If you love basketball and Samuel L Jackson’s movie, this is a must watch. It is not only about basketball but it contains lots of morale values of life, basketball tips, life in ‘da hood and much more. It does reflects life of African Americans and people with no education. Watch it to see watch I mean! Guaranteed enjoyable!

Up (2009) November 21, 2009

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Carl Federickson (Edward Asner) was at the cinema watching a movie about his favorite idol Charles Muntz (Christopher Plummer), who is a famous explorer at Paradise Falls. Charles Muntz was later stripped of his merits at he later swore that he will capture and return with the tropical bird. On his way back home imitating his idol, he passes by a hut and heard sounds of girl with the same passion imitating his hero. He snuck in and found lots of newspaper cutting about his idol.

The girl named Ellie startle him as he as looking at the info and later made Carl a member of the club. They got a lot well and later both of them got married. The movie then kind of fast forward and they both grew old. Both of them wanted kids but Ellie was unable to conceive a child when they went to a health check-up. However, they move on with it. Ellie’s dream since young was to built a house near a waterfall in Paradise Falls and Carl bought 2 plane tickets to fulfill her dreams and try to cheer her up. The plan fails as she passed away.

After Ellie passed away, Carl lives on his own doing the same old daily routines. However at his residential area, the development has taken place except for his house which he refuses to sell. Later a wilderness explorer named Russell (Jordan Nagai) came knocking at the door to offer him some help so that he can complete his task of helping an elderly and be promoted to the Senior Wilderness Explorer. He was being pestered by Russell and Carl sends him to search for a snipe which does not exist.

A contractor accidentally nudges his mailbox, he ran over try to protect his precious item he built with Ellie during younger days. A worker tried to fix it for him but he refuses and hit the contractor with his walking stick. The worker got injured and he was summoned by the court and was ordered to stay in the old folk home.

At night when he reaches home, he was reluctant to shift there and came up with a brilliant plan. He stood up the whole night and filled up thousands of balloon with helium gases. His house uprooted and sail away. Just when everything was sorted out, someone knock the door. Carl was surprised to find Russell at the porch feeling terrified and later invited him inside the house. Things went bad to worse for Carl and there was a thunderstorm ahead. He fainted and Russell steered them out of trouble.

Russell was relieved when Carl awakens as he thought he was dead. Russell explained what has happened to him and when he looks outside of the window, he found out that they where at some mysterious place. Carl later realizes that they were in Paradise Falls but was quite far apart from the waterfall, the location of Ellie’s dream. They walked all the way there by tying the floating house to their body (I don’t understand how 1 elderly and 1 kid can hold on to a floating house) Russell then told Carl that he needs to ease his nature call and this is when he adopted a tropical bird and named it Kevin which he thought is was the snipe which Carl had lost.

Carl was stunned when Russell brought it too him and later he tried to chase it away but it kept following them. Later they also stumble across a dog named Dug (Bob Peterson) which can speak human language with the aid of a machine. Dug was supposedly tracking Kevin and try to separate itself. Dug also made Carl his master with his consent.

A group of dogs found out that Dug has found the tropical bird and went after them. The group of dogs tracked them using a GPS like system which was installed on Dug. Carl and company were later brought to a cave hideout and this is when he met his childhood hero Charles Muntz. Charles invited him for dinner and later known that he had the bird but when Carl was reluctant to release the information on where he kept the bird, he show signs of murdering. Carl and company fled the scene with the help of Dug but Kevin got injured during the escape.

Kevin was trying to go back to her chicks (yeah, Russell named it wrongly) but was unable to travel due to the injury. Carl felt sympathize and promise Russell to send her back. Charles tracked them down once again using an airship. He sets Carl’s house on fire, forcing him to choose between rescuing an injured bird or the house. He chooses the house while Charles retrieves the bird and left.

Carl succeeded to land the house where his wife wanted all along and settle down. He then found his wife’s memento and took a look inside. It reminds him of the memory lanes and there was a message of appreciation from his wife to him. Russell who was disappointed that Carl’s decision of not rescuing Kevin and later went on his own. Carl later when to fetch Russell and later realized he went after Charles using some helium balloons. He chucked all the stuffs in the house which he treasures very much and went after Russell who is trying to save Kevin.

Russell manages to break into the airship but was caught by the dogs. He was tied up and was about to be thrown down to Earth by Charles but was being saved by Carl in the nick of time. Carl then promised Russell that he will saved Kevin and asked him to stay put in the house as he will take care of the matter with Dug.

Carl took care of Charles while Dug took care of the other dogs. Carl and company manage to free the bird but Carl lost his house in the process (short summary of what happen as if I elaborate it will be a spoiler). Carl then send the bird back to its chicks and Russell back to home. Carl even attended the Senior Wilderness Explorer ceremony and presented Russell with the merit he has wanted for a long time.

Carl is now residing in the airship with Dug. As for his lost house, it has landed in Paradise Falls where his wife has envisioned it all along.

The movie has a simple storyline and very few characters. The movie can be summarized into 2 old men, a fat kid, some talking dogs, a house and a bird at Paradise Falls. It will be a brilliant movie to watch in 3D has it has bright colors of colorful balloons and some really awesome graphics with fine artworks.

2012 (2009) November 16, 2009

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2012 is one of the blockbuster movies of the year which you must watch! Raking in the most money one the first week since it open which surprising not anticipated by anyone or any other directors.  The 3 hours long movie is interested and full of actions and rarely has much space for filming errors.

Director Roland Emmerich who is famous for his world catastrophe movies (Independence Day & The Day After Tomorrow) is back with a new exciting idea full with actions with the clock ticking down on dooms day. His latest movie 2012 begins in the year 2009 when an American scientist, Adrian Helmsley (Chiwetel Ejiofor) travels to India to meet his friend Satnam (Jimi Mistry) who informed and showed him that the Earth’s core temperature is rapidly increasing at an alarming rate.

Adrian immediately flew back to Washington DC an interrupted a high profile charity function to informed Chief of Staff – Carl Anheuser (Oliver Platt) on the situation. Adrian immediately got promoted and they went to see the President of USA, Thomas Wilson (Danny Glover) of the situation.

The movie then fast forward to the year 2012. During the 36th G8 Summit meeting, the President informed the leaders of the summit of the situation and their preparation for the world ending. Billionaires are allowed a seat on the ark by paying a billion Euros for a seat to fund the project.

Meanwhile in another scene (yes, there is 2 scenes), Jackson Curtis (John Cusack) who is a writer who sold 400+ copies of his book and also a divorced father of 2 children; promised to bring his children for a camping trip at the Yellowstone National Park. His ex-wife Kate (Amanda Peet) and their children Noah who hated his father (Liam James) and Lily who loves his father (Morgan Lily) is currently staying with their mother’s new boyfriend, Gordon (Thomas McCarthy) whose profession is a plastic surgeon. Jackson picked up his children and headed to Yellowstone.

Upon arrival, he found out that the previous spot he used camp with his wife while dating last time is now a restricted area. They climb over the fence and went to the lake anyway but were being surrounded by the Government military forces shortly. They were asked to leave the area as they are investigating the area (the lake dried up) and Jackson found something amiss. Upon leaving, he was being halted by Charlie Frost (Woody Harrelson) who is a radio show host who is kind of bonkers in a way explained to Jackson that the Mayan’s prediction of world ending is coming true.

The apocalypse begins! (I’m not elaborating in full details much as it will be hard to do so and it will spoil your fun watching the movie) From here on, the world is being hit by various disasters and the Earth’s coordinates has shifted (or spun) making the North Pole becoming South Pole. Earthquake, tsunami and volcano eruption taking place at various countries killing millions of people around the world.

The movie also shows all kind of human’s attitude ranging from humanitarian to those who are selfish and hungry for power. It also show a chaotic situation when the news broke out and everyone is trying to save themselves from the disaster. It’s quite touching and it shows the reality of the situation if it really would have taken place in real life.

Towards the end, a minority of humans manage to life on. They now reside at a new world in Africa and they are now heading to Good Hope as it now became the highest continent in the world. Anyway, the world now basically only has Africa as all the other parts of the world are being swallowed by the sea (no more 7 seas).

I highly recommend this movie but do not watch the midnight show as it is 3 hours long. I came out of the cinema at 4 a.m. =.= It’s exciting and the storyline is interesting as all sorts of factors are taken into consideration. Rich buying their seats, human with caliber are given a seat, animal are begin taken into consideration, loves affair, hunger for power, wrong judgment, humanitarian values and etc … I personally believe that this will happen someday in real life. Whether or not some one discovers it and even if they do, will we be informed? The world will be in chaos if let known but if they keep quiet about it, who will be saved?

We were warned! The world is coming to an end!